Completely Brilliant DIY Hacks For Old Bars Of Soap

That slowly disappearing bar of soap that lives with the rest of your shower accessories is good for nothing but sudsing you up and getting you clean, right? Wrong! Soap has strengths far beyond its main use. Any bar can be a multifaceted tool that simplifies and solves all kinds of problems in your home. Before you put a well-used bar out to pasture, consider these valuable soap hacks.

1. Freshen up drawers and closets

Closed-off spaces like drawers and closets can get musty over time, as the confined space doesn't allow for a ton of fresh air to circulate. Combat the odors with a bar of soap! Hanging a pleasantly scented soap in your closet or tucking it into your drawer can make a big difference. It can also keep your clothes smelling nice and fresh.

2. Reduce bug bite irritation

Bug bites are an unfortunate consequence of warmer weather. If you find yourself falling victim to itchy bites after being outside, wet a bar of soap and rub it on the affected areas. The soap coats the area and can reduce irritation and itchiness. Perhaps non-scented soap is best for this hack!

3. Pick up loose glass

Sometimes we carry more than we can handle. Dropped dishes lead to broken glass and tiny shards that can't be seen until they're lodged in your foot a week later. Wet a bar of soap and glide it over the area to pick up all the glass. This way, you can protect your feet and clean your floor at the same time.

4. Deter Insects

Pests in your garden can put your plants at risk. Sprinkle a strongly scented soap like Irish Spring near your plants to deter unwanted eaters, like rabbits or deer. The strong citrusy smell is thought to repel some critters, and it helps mask the scent of fresh plants.