Crowd Holds Its Breath As Bear Grabs A Tiny Creature And Makes A Huge Unexpected Move

With their sharp teeth and claws, few people would ever want to have an up-close encounter with a bear. After all, they’re some of the most ferocious animals on the planet!

This might explain why spectators at the Budapest Zoo in Hungary were completely stunned by what they saw in August 2014. As a small creature fell into the water of a bear’s enclosure, all onlookers could do was hold their breath. Then, something amazing happened…

Bears are universally recognized as one of the most dangerous animals in nature. Just one look at their enormous size, and it’s easy to see why. They could turn just about anything into a meal.

In fact, even the biggest and baddest of the animal kingdom are susceptible to falling prey to a bear. Suffice to say, the bear is on top of the food chain for a very good reason.

So when visitors to the Budapest Zoo in Hungary watched a small creature fall into the water of a female brown bear named Vali’s enclosure, they lost all hope.

The onlookers fell silent as soon as they soon realized it was… a helpless crow! It frantically flapped its wings in an effort to stay above the water’s surface.

Animal Wire / YouTube

Clearly, the bird had suffered an unknown injury and needed some assistance. With its wings completely wet, it looked like there would be no flying out of this one.

How this crow managed to find its way into the bear’s enclosure was one thing. But most knew it was only a matter of time before Vali turned a nice family visit to the zoo into a harrowing National Geographic special.

When Vali finally heard the frantic splashing in the water next to her, it seemed to pique her interest. She slowly lumbered over to a nearby rock to get a closer look…

Animal Wire / YouTube

Onlookers gasped audibly as Vali stepped off the rock and moved closer to the edge of the enclosure’s pond. She’d definitely seen the struggling crow, and she was heading right toward it!

At first, Vali seemed confused by the interloper in her pool. Usually, when the zookeepers brought her food, it was left in far more convenient places. This snack, however, was different—and alive.

The tiring crow settled into the corner of the pond, and it was well within arm’s reach of the bear at that point. Vali leaned over and began pawing at the bird…

Was she trying to grab it? Or did she plan to push it under and drown it? Either way, things weren’t looking too good for this crow!

That’s when the bear finally grabbed ahold of the bird. “After first attempting to pull it up with her paw, Vali bit on to the crow’s wing and dragged it out of the water,” the Budapest Zoo said later while describing the incident.

Animal Wire / YouTube

While there was a slim chance the bird could have flown from there, it was now too tired, weak, and wet to escape.

Just as Vali pulled the little crow from the water, it made one last effort to save its life—and it pecked the hungry brown bear on the nose. Onlookers were nervous to see how Vali would retaliate.

Then the bear did something that shocked everyone: “She immediately [let] go of the wing, and [retired] to her apples and carrots,” a Budapest Zoo spokesperson explained. Did the crow actually scare Vali away?

Animal Wire / YouTube

In fact, the zoo’s spokesperson believed the bear never planned to make a meal of the little bird, but was instead just investigating. Still, would the crow survive after an ordeal like that?

What the bird didn’t realize was that Vali—and most bears—have a taste for fruits and vegetables, even though they love to eat meat. Maybe these beasts are actually more friendly than we thought.

After lying on its back for a few moments, the crow suddenly started to come to its senses. Still, it limited its movement; it likely realized that it was still in great danger.

It’s unclear who was more shocked by the incident: the crowd or the crow. Once the bird found the strength to stand up, it seemed to look at the bear in disbelief. Did it actually just escape death?

Animal Wire / YouTube

Perhaps the crow had a new lease on life; heck, maybe in the future, this crow would pay the bear’s kindness forward. After all, bears are prone to getting into some trouble themselves.

Bears, for example, aren’t exactly the kind of animal you’d consider helpless. Still, they’re curious, and that can sometimes leave them between a rock and a hard place. This was no more evident than the case of one bear in Alligator Point on St. James Island in Florida…

The 375-pound black bear had been sniffing around the neighborhood when he wandered into a home. Wildlife conservation officers were called to sedate him and safely relocate him to the wild, but moments after he was shot with a tranquilizer, things went wrong.

Because even though using a tranquilizer was the humane option to ensure the bear and area residents stayed safe, there were no guarantees the process would go the way they planned it…

Of course, that plan quickly backfired. Instead of the dart sedating him, it immediately sent the bear into a panic. The wildlife officers readied themselves for the worst, but they didn’t realize just how bad things were about to get.

The large bear, who must have been terrified by the officers chasing him, made a beeline toward the nearby water — and he began swimming out as far as he could. Unfortunately, that was when the sedative started to kick in.


The drowsy bear clearly couldn’t keep himself afloat—and he began to drown! Adam Warwick, a biologist with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, knew that he had to act quickly.


Without hesitating, the fearless and determined Adam dove into the water and swam toward the huge bear. Most people couldn’t imagine doing something quite so brave, but to him, it made perfect sense… at least in the moment.

“It was a spur of the moment decision. I had a lot of adrenaline pumping when I saw the bear in the water,” Adam later said of the experience. Thank goodness for that adrenaline, otherwise he would have known how dangerous it truly was. What if the bear attacked him?

Adam didn’t have time to think twice: he grabbed the enormous bear with both hands and wrapped his arms around his neck. Then he started to kick toward shallow water where the other wildlife officers were waiting…

The bear wasn’t entirely asleep, and he was understandably distressed. He frantically tried to climb on top of Adam in an effort to stay afloat, but he was losing the ability to move his legs.

Despite his stressful—and incredibly risky—mission, Adam stayed as calm as he could as he approached more shallow water. He grabbed the bear by the scruff of his neck and carefully led him toward the rescue boat.


Thankfully, Adam was able to pull the powerful predator roughly 25 yards toward dry land. Moving the bear might’ve seemed (relatively) easy in the water, but it was a different story on the shore!

The unusual pair finally made it to the rest of the rescue team, in one piece. Though the bear was sedated, he could have lunged at Adam or swiped at him with his claws at any moment…

Incredibly, Adam suffered only one scratch during the entire ordeal. Other than that, he was perfectly fine! Who would have known that he’d come out of this risky mission relatively unscathed?


Adam’s colleagues stepped in to help the exhausted man and beast collect their bearings. It was going to take a lot of people—and a lot of bravery along the way, much like anyone in this type of situation…

The team drove a large tractor toward the water’s edge to transport the groggy bear back to his home in Osceola National Forest. There was no way they would’ve been able to carry a 375-pound animal without a little help!

Thankfully, the bear didn’t suffer any injuries after his wild jaunt in the water. It was safe to say that he probably wouldn’t go anywhere near water for awhile following this experience.


Most importantly, this massive bear was safe and back in a habitat that suited him best. Hopefully by now he’s learned to avoid wandering into residential neighborhoods!


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