27 Animals That Share A Rare Condition But Still Look Absolutely Beautiful

Life would be boring if everyone and everything looked the same. Most of the time, it's the differences in our physical appearances that make us unique and interesting.

Take the case of vitiligo, for example. Technically, it's a disease, and a rare and unusual one at that, in which patches of skin lose their pigment. But despite the odd way it looks, it's completely harmless.

Thankfully, people aren't the only ones who are showing off their vitiligo proudly. Just take a look at these 27 amazing animals!

1. Vitiligo is a rare skin condition that affects both humans and animals. If you've ever seen an animal who looks like this cat below, then you know how this skin condition can affect animals. It's definitely different than how it affects people!
2. Vitiligo causes large patches of skin to lose its pigment. In human beings, this can manifest as two different colors of skin. That's the same with animals—except that animals usually also have fur covering their skin. Patches of this fur are colored differently than the rest.
3. This cat's case of the skin condition has mostly affected his ears and his nose. Check out the totally unique appearance it gives this very curious feline! He might be different, but he's ready to get behind the wheel.
4. How the disease comes about is generally unknown, and while the way it manifests is unusual, it doesn't cause any harm to the animals. Check out the sweet expression on the face of this pooch. Somebody needs a treat!