Meet Alice, The Internet’s New Favorite Cat Queen

When you decide to adopt a pet, you don’t always know what you’re going to get. In the case of Alice the Persian mix, her owners got a gorgeous cat with a unique personality, and this pretty kitty has been getting a lot of attention.

Meet Alice, the adopted Persian mix considered by her strong online following to have the most beautiful fur in the world. Her grey and white marbled coat is a sight to behold indeed.

beautiful-persian-1Instagram / Hallo.Alice

Alice was adopted after her previous owners gave her up for unknown reasons. Now, she has an Instagram account that boasts over 15 thousand followers and growing, and it’s not hard to see why.

beautiful-persian-2Instagram / Hallo.Alice

With her signature fluff and penetrating stare, Alice’s daily adventures keep her fans coming back for more. 

beautiful-persian-3Instagram / Hallo.Alice

Thanks to her stunning coat, Alice looks regal just staring off into the distance.

beautiful-persian-4Instagram / Hallo.Alice

Like any cat, she loves to play.

beautiful-persian-5Instagram / Hallo.Alice

However, unlike other animals, Alice is a photographer’s dream, making nearly every photo her owners snap look like a portrait.

beautiful-persian-6Instagram / Hallo.Alice

Alice’s Mom, Yara, couldn’t have been happier to adopt her.

beautiful-persian-7Instagram / Hallo.Alice

Yara says Alice has a big attitude, and she only wants to play on her terms: a personality quirk that means she isn’t exactly the cuddliest of cats.

beautiful-persian-8Instagram / Hallo.Alice

Alice is often seen sporting pretty collars or bowties, but her extreme fluffiness tends to hide any jewelry she wears.

beautiful-persian-9Instagram / Hallo.Alice

The beautiful Persian cat is a picky eater, and she isn’t entertained by catnip. 

beautiful-persian-10Instagram / Hallo.Alice

However, she does love to roll around and pose for the camera!

beautiful-persian-11Instagram / Hallo.Alice

Alice has traveled to many different countries.

beautiful-persian-12Instagram / Hallo.Alice

She’s lived in Saudi Arabia, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United States. That’s more countries than a lot of humans will ever live in!

beautiful-persian-13Instagram / Hallo.Alice

Alice always travels with Yara on the plane — she even has her own passport!

beautiful-persian-14Instagram / Hallo.Alice

Alice has definitely captured the world’s attention, and we just can’t get enough of her.

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