Millions Of Bees Owe This Dog A Huge ‘Thank You’

You may not know it, but bees play an essential role in our ecosystem. Their ability to pollinate plants is what allows us to grow crops. In other words, we rely on bees to keep us alive.

But, the problem with relying so heavily on something is that if there ever comes a time where that “thing” doesn’t exist anymore, we’ll face a serious crisis. This is why preserving the bee population is vital.

Josh Kennet, a beekeeper from Tintinara, Australia, knows exactly how important bees are. So, when he found out about a deadly disease called American foulbrood that was wiping out hives in south Australia, Josh and his dog Bazz offered their help in a very unusual way.

Josh Kennet is a beekeeper from Tintinara, Australia. He knows how important bees are to our ecosystem, so, when he learned that a deadly disease known as American foulbrood was wiping out thousands of hives in south Australia, he and his dog Bazz helped out in a most unique way.

beekeeper 2

Bazz was trained by Josh to sniff out the American foulbrood scent. Through a lot of trial and error, he designed a special suit for Bazz so he could approach beehives without getting stung.

beekeeper 1

Once the infected hive is detected, it can be quarantined so the disease doesn’t spread any further. 

beekeeper 3

According to Josh, Bazz doesn’t care for the suit too much. Josh is taking the time to get him comfortable so he can perform his job to the best of his abilities.

Check out the video below to learn more about Bazz’s efforts!

Bazz is one incredible dog. He’s saving the world one beehive at a time!

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