This Cat Was Rescued By A Vet, Then Got Addicted To Helping Other Kittens In Need

Some individuals are instinctive nurturers. These folks seem to have an uncanny sense of others’ thoughts and needs, and will selflessly go out of their way to help whenever they can. In a lot of ways, it’s the sacrifices these people make that keep the world running.

Rescue cat Benny is one of these individuals. His vet tech mom fosters lots of distressed cats and kittens, and somehow, he always instinctively knows the best ways to comfort and care for them!

Ellen Carozza is a veterinary technician who’s helped save hundreds of cats, but one was so special that she knew she had to adopt him. His name is Benedict Cumbercat, or Benny for short!

benny-9Instagram / thecatlvt

As he’s gotten older, Ellen has come to realize that he has a very big heart and loves to look after other cats and kittens in need, just like her.

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He’s become a wonderful, caring foster parent for the numerous kittens Ellen brings home as part of her work!

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He has an intuitive sense of the love and affection the kittens needed, and he enjoys his role so much that he even gets down in the dumps when there are no kittens to take care of!

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Benny’s most important work might have been with Winifred. When Ellen brought her home, the poor thing had been abandoned by her mother and only weighed about half of what she should…

benny-4Instagram / thecatlvt

Thankfully, Ellen had the incubator and bottles she’d need to care for Winifred, but Benny was her real secret weapon. She knew he could give Winifred the love she needed to get healthier. 

benny-6Instagram / thecatlvt

Benny immediately knew what to do the moment he met Winifred, taking her under his wing, snuggling and caring for her instinctively.

benny-7Instagram / thecatlvt

Winifred eventually grew to a normal, healthy weight and was ready to be adopted. Luckily, Ellen’s sister took her in, so Benny and Winifred could stay close!

benny-8Instagram / thecatlvt

Since his time with Winifred, Benny has continued to be a wonderful helper for the cats and kittens Ellen brings home, and he loves his job more than ever!

benny-3Instagram / thecatlvt

What a touching story! Benny seems like a truly kindhearted kitty. Ellen must be proud of all the kittens he’s helped over the years!

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