24 Hilarious Pictures That Prove That Cats Will Be Cats No Matter How Big They Are

When most of us think of cats, we probably picture small house cats that tear up our furniture and walk all over our keyboards. We love them, but they’re a far cry from their bigger, more exotic relatives in the wild.

That’s because big cats like lions and tigers have a certain majesty about them. But between their imposing size and their hunting prowess, it can be easy to forget that, in many ways, these huge creatures are more similar to their smaller, domesticated cousins than we may think!

That’s what makes these pictures so great. Not only are the huge jungle cats in them acting very funny, but they prove beyond a doubt that there aren’t as many differences between a lion and your pet cat as you might think!

1. Fact: all cats abide by the “If I fits, I sits” rule. While plopping down in a regular old cardboard box makes him seem kind of silly—he barely fits in there!—at least this big cat looks content with his situation.


2. She found the perfect lookout spot for her next hunt. “It’s only a matter of time until some yummy prey just happens to be running by, and then I’ll strike! For now, I’m going to just keep myself comfortable.” Lying in wait never looked so cool.


3. How funny is it that these two zany tigers both tried to jump into that fragile cardboard box at the same time? At least they don’t seem like they want to fight about it. Look at how peaceful they are… for now.


4. This cat looks like he’s performing a deleted scene from Aladdin. “Who dares disturb my slumber? Is it you, Jafar? I keep telling you, you can’t continue to come in here and steal all of my stuff. Like, you could at least ask before you take my treasure.”


5. That can’t be comfortable, and it doesn’t look like this pensive lion thinks so, either. It’s as if he’s thinking, “Well, the laws of cat logic dictated that I sit in this wheelbarrow, but… maybe I shouldn’t have.”


6. Something’s not quite right about this picture. Instead of sitting in that little box, this jaguar decided to stick his face inside of it. Now, not only is escaping highly unlikely, but he can’t even see how he’d get out even if he wanted to.


7. “How do I sit in this thing? I can’t seem to be able to climb into it. Wait… I know! I’ll just utterly destroy it until I can comfortably lie on the surface of it. There we go! Problem solved.”


8. It’s rare for most cats to love a belly scratch, but when they do, they do. It doesn’t matter how big they may be nor how fiercely independent they are. Heck, it may not even matter that they can rip you to shreds! They just want to be loved.


9. See, this is how you make friends with a tiger! All you have to do is stay calm, be gentle, rub their bellies, and pray to whatever deity you worship that he won’t tear you up limb from limb.


10. Somebody really enjoys foot rubs! Wild cats like lions don’t just behave like our favorite house cats; they act like many of us humans! After all, who doesn’t prefer to relax with a good massage every now and then?


11. “Wanna hang out with me? Come on, I’m so bored! And you’ve just been looking at your phone all day. I know so many different games that we could play. Have you ever played Monopoly? What about Hungry, Hungry Hippos? Now that’s a fun one!”


12. He’s just making himself right at home! To be fair, that fancy chaise lounge looks super comfortable, so who wouldn’t want to just sprawl out on it? Looks like it’s the perfect time for a cat nap!


13. Leave it to a cat to always figure out where the toilet paper rolls are! Hopefully, the zoo where this big kitty lives still has plenty to go around. It would be terrible—not to mean messy—if he destroyed their entire supply.


14. “It’s mine! It’s all mine! Ha ha ha, there’s nothing you could do to stop me now, you fools! With this large tube, I now have everything that I need to escape from this wildlife facility and take over the world!” Keep dreaming, kitty!


15. Hanging toys for the win! There’s just something about seeing a big cat doing something like this that is so funny. It’s as if the larger an animal is, the funnier it is to see them acting silly! Let’s hope that tree branch holds up…


16. How could you be scared of this precious face? Even the most vulnerable prey couldn’t take this adorable tiger seriously when he looks like he just wants a hug. And maybe a little nibble. But, seriously, come on! That’s no predator… right?


17. “Is that for me?” Pretty much everything about this photograph is hilarious and amazing. There’s something incredibly human about that white tiger’s stance and expression. His focus is incredible! Though, it must be asked: just what exactly is that trainer holding? And will it be enough to satisfy that big kitty?


18. “Fresh milk! Special delivery!” Just like their domesticated cousins, big cats are always just so friendly when you’ve brought them something they want. What makes this photo even better is the wet, slobbery kiss on the cheek.


19. Many pet-owners like sleeping with their cats… although, usually, this is only the case when said animals are of the more domesticated variety. Would you let your child sleep with a lion or a tiger?


20. “Mmm… can I try some? Yes, this is quite delicious indeed. I usually prefer my food to be raw and animal-based, of course, but whatever this is, it’s pretty good too, I suppose.” Now, if only she would learn to use chopsticks!


21. “I’ve made a huge, huge mistake, haven’t I? Ugh, how am I supposed to get myself out of this mess now? Well, I guess there’s plenty of snow, so maybe it can break my fall. It couldn’t hurt.” Let’s hope that saying about how cats always land on their feet is true…


22. Did you know that leopards just love to cuddle? Obviously, this isn’t typical big cat behavior—they’re still very much wild, after all—but look at how sweetly this cute kitty gazes into her caretaker’s eyes! If that’s not love, we don’t know what is.


23. “I hope we’re not going to the vet, because I am not emotionally prepared for this one bit! Ugh, I’m not even physically prepared either. I just know the doctor’s going to ask me about whether I’ve been flossing and exercising.”


24. “C’mon, man, you’ve gotta let me out of here. I’m going crazy! You don’t know what it’s like in here, man, you just don’t. They feed you the same food almost every day, and I can’t even remember the last time I took a shower.”


Apparently, these pictures just go to show that cats will be cats no matter how big or small they are!

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