Bird Throws The Funniest Tantrum After His Human Tells Him They Can’t Go Outside

It’s hard when things don’t go your way, but it’s important to not get your way all the time. If you were told “yes” all the time, you’d probably be a big brat, right?

Animals, unsurprisingly, are pretty similar. After all, as sweet and smart as they may be, they still need to know that you’re the boss. If they don’t, well, you’re gonna have an unruly pet on your hands.

One special bird, nicknamed Eric the Legend, certainly cannot handle the word “no” one bit. When his owner tells him it’s too rainy outside for his daily walk, he does something that even his human didn’t see coming.

There are many different reasons why people would choose to adopt a pet, from the priceless, positive experiences that this kind of companionship provides to the timeless appeal of cute animals.

Many folks consider their pets to be members of their own family, and will even compare the experience of owning a pet to taking care of a human child. They certainly both present considerable challenges!

MikaylaAuthor / Pixabay

As is the case with children, for example, pets need to know that you’re the boss. Once you lose control, well, the game is up! There are few things more difficult to deal with than a temper tantrum…

Ryan Boren / Flickr

Eric, or as he’s known on his YouTube channel, “Eric the Legend,” is one very special bird. More specifically, he’s a little corella, otherwise known as a bare-eyed cockatoo. He’s cute, but he’s a handful, and it’s easy to see…

Corellas, whose scientific name is Cacatua sanguinea, are known for having distinctive personalities, and Eric is certainly no different! In fact, he might just have the most unique personality of all.

“He responds to excitement and has picked up a few swear words thanks to the boy’s watching the football,” wrote his Australian owner on YouTube regarding their beloved (if short-tempered) bird.

Just like a little kid, Eric loves to spend time playing outside. One day, when it was raining, however, he wasn’t able to leave the house. When his owners informed him that his daily walk would have to wait, though, he threw a hilarious temper tantrum!

As Eric’s frantic owner desperately tried to explain the news to him, Eric was noisily, furiously showing his dissatisfaction. He took action like any angry child would: by throwing whatever he could get his beak on!

You’re definitely going to want to watch this entire hilarious scene for yourself. It’s difficult to imagine that anybody could watch this tantrum unfold without laughing out loud! Eric the Legend is one funny bird!

Birds aren’t always necessarily known for having the kinds of big personalities that other pets like dogs and cats may have, but Eric certainly leaves an impression. Hopefully he calmed down eventually!

Eric isn’t having any of it. He may have a chip on his shoulder at times, but at least he keeps his owners entertained!

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