Black Lab Stuns Owners After Giving Birth To A Highly Unusual Litter

A dog breeder thought she knew everything she needed to know about guiding her prized black lab through pregnancy and birth. But as the pivotal moment unfolded, nothing went according to plan. Within a few moments, the breeder ran through a full spectrum of emotions, as her pet experienced labor no one could explain — or forget.

Experienced Breeder

Kent native Leah Barrett bred champions. Her black Labs were some of the best in town, and they were no strangers to dog shows. Still, there was no competition on the calendar when her pregnant black Labrador Beau left her stunned.

Dog Show Roots

Beau was always destined to do great things. Her lineage appeared at the Crufts dog show, an elite competition that honors the best and brightest in purebred canine companions. It’s a cutthroat pageant, and winning is a great honor.

Litter On The Way

So, when Beau became pregnant, Leah was over the moon. As a breeder, she made her living off of bringing new puppies into the world, and if the litter turned out to be champions like their ancestors, that boded well for her.

Ordinary Pregnancy

At first, the pregnancy seemed to be pretty ordinary. No complications had arisen, and Beau seemed happy and healthy. Leah eagerly awaited the birth of the new baby Labs.