When She Saw This Dog, She Was Horrified… But Then She Did Something No One Else Would.

Few sights are more upsetting than a sick and wounded dog on the street, and yet somehow, some people walk right past them without giving them as much as a glance.

One dog living on the streets of Mexico City was in worse shape than anything his rescuers had ever seen. But just when it seemed all hope was lost for him, he found a real miracle to keep him going.

There are over a million stray dogs on the streets of Mexico City, but in February, 2015, a passerby saw something particularly unsettling.
Like many strays, this dog was starving, but more disturbingly, his body was covered in cancerous tumors. Luckily, they took the dog to Dalia Gamez, an animal rights activist, who promptly adopted the dog and named him Boby.
Dalia took Boby to a veterinary hospital, where he was thoroughly examined. The vets estimated that Boby was roughly two years old, and quickly prescribed chemotherapy for the tumors. Because it's such an aggressive treatment, Dalia did everything that she could to keep Boby's spirits up, and started to share his story on the internet.
In just two months, Boby went through eight sessions of chemotherapy, which was especially difficult because he had been starving for so long. It wasn't certain that Boby would survive the ordeal.