40 Overconfident Animals That Just Couldn’t Care Less

Humans have a tendency to worry about every aspect of life way too frequently, and why wouldn’t we? There are bills to worry about, jobs to schlep to, bosses to please… the list goes on and on. We’re conditioned to feel anxiety even about trivial stuff, and although we know stress is unhealthy, we suffer it daily.

Do you know who has significantly less stress in their lives? Our beloved animal friends, and what a nice life it must be. They don’t suffer from the anxieties of overdue bills. In fact, some of them don’t seem to give a hoot about anything really — and these pictures are all the hilarious proof you need.

1. A big ol’ elk wandered into your sleeping space? Who has time to worry when there’s a whole lotta lounging to do? What brings different species together is their ability to kick back and relax after a long day of putzing around.

2. Ah, duck. All the hard work a crew managed to complete was entirely undone by something less than a foot tall and five pounds. Looks like the workday just got a little longer for the stressed-out humans.

3. After a long night of partying, this care-free cat assisted his owner with a little “alcohol disposal” work. “You did this to yourself, Karen! I’m not getting off your back until everything’s out!”

4. Well, well, well, an unexpected visitor showed up. The look on his face said, “Oh, I didn’t know anyone else was here.” This was a raccoon that relished flaunting how little he cared.

5. Most dogs cower in storms, but not ol’ Fido, who took a nap outside during a downpour and lived to tell about it. He looks a little worn out, but he probably feels a heck of a lot cleaner. There’s nothing like bathing under the clouds.

6. When you need to get across the pond but you’ve just had a pedicure, you can always hop aboard a friend for help. Which duck cares less? The one surfing on his friend’s back or the one playing ferry?

7. The cajones on this goat are unmatched! Either those alligators are all snoozing — or carefree in their own rights — or that’s the toughest goat in the world, and they all know it. No one messes with this guy when he’s got places to be.

8. It’s all fun, games, and mockery until one of these dogs figures out how the gate’s lock works and sets this motley crew of canines loose. This cat better have a solid escape route just in case his casual taunting goes wrong.

9. This is either the most generous dog in the world who loves granting his cat buddy access to his bed, or he’s terrified of the little fella. Something about his face says he never wants to get on that cat’s bad side. 

10. When you’ve been flapping your wings for miles and need a break, you’ll settle for anywhere to stand, like concrete, sand, or even your buddy’s face! He owes that guy big time for being such an accommodating sport.

11. Shouldn’t an Iditarod get canceled when the snow is up to the dogs’ necks? These racers are real champions and won’t let anything stand in their way. Hopefully, at the finishing line, there’s a mountain of fresh kibble for their hard work.

12. If there’s not a pond in sight, you have to make one yourself. This goose has no fear of traffic because he’s busy getting his bath on. The best part? His pool’s so small, he doesn’t have to share.

13. You, my friend, are staring out the windshield of Porsche’s latest vehicle to hit the luxury market: the GTS Feline. Not only does it reach incredible speeds, but it comes complete with a decorative cat hood ornament, as well.

14. There’s no need to ever get a bed for this guy because he’ll plop his behind down wherever the heck he pleases and make it his own. That includes a bed, a couch, or even his brother’s head!

15. Well isn’t this the most precious piece of dough you’ve ever seen? Some cat placed one furry foot on top of her owner’s soon-to-be meal and then quickly realized her mistake. They left the rest of the dough paw-fect, however.

16. This cradle was sitting front and center in a church, and guess where that doll was? Yep, resting right on top of the hay until this feline kicked it to the curb. Like most cats, he clearly didn’t know the term “blasphemous.”

17. This little critter is hanging out without a care in the world, but did he really think he wasn’t going to get caught? He’s literally lying right on top of a well-lit porch beam. You might want to choose your spot a little more wisely, buddy.

18. While America’s pastimes are baseball, beer, and apple pie, a cat’s include sleeping and knocking cups over. That’s why it was an easy call for this feline to remove the poster. Dude just wants to have fun.

19. Cats are supposed to chase mice, not let hordes of them climb all over their faces! This one must have felt too outnumbered to do anything, so he thought, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”

20. A group of lucky boaters got a visit from this seal, who jumped aboard the vessel and plopped himself right down on the seat. Just because this guy has fins doesn’t mean he can’t use a break now and then.

21. Sure, taking a photo inside of a (thankfully, fake) great white shark’s mouth might’ve seemed like a good idea at the time. Soon enough, though, he’s gonna have to climb out from the clutches of those sharp teeth. Let’s hope he can doggy paddle his way to safety.

Facebook/Animals in Predicaments

22. This is what happens when the lizard people start to gentrify the muddy swamps. The corporate lizards open a Whole Foods, and suddenly you’re stuck buying artisanal insects for $9.99 a pound. Sheesh!

Facebook/Animals in Predicaments

23. This gorilla clearly would prefer a job that’s closer to his home in the mountains of central Africa. That way he wouldn’t have to get up so early, or spend half the day in rush hour traffic.

Facebook/Animals in Predicaments

24. Getting into pawlitics definitely seemed like a fun idea at the time, but now he’s stuck actually having to do the job. Everyone thought it was a joke when he ran in the election. At least Cormorant, Minnesota’s never short on doggy treats!

Animals in Predicaments

25. “I don’t even know who I am anymore. At first, my owner wanted a poodle, but then they decided that I’d work better as a zebra. I just hope they don’t want me to be a giraffe next. That would be a real pain in the neck.”

Facebook/Animals in Predicaments

26. “I guess this is what happens when I don’t listen to my owner and I decide I want to have some chocolate. I’ll be sure to take them from a bowl next time. In the meantime, would anyone mind giving me a hand getting out of here?”

Facebook/Animals in Predicaments

27. This is what happens when you follow the rainbow a little too far. Your dreams come crashing down when you can’t quite find the pot o’ gold. That’s going to be pretty difficult to wash out of her fur, don’t you think?

Facebook/Animals in Predicaments

28. That’s certainly one effective alarm clock! No way on Earth you’ll ever be able to sleep through a dog popping bubble wrap. Still, you have to consider that the dog is not too thrilled about this…

Facebook/Animals in Predicaments

29. “I just wanted to help my owner prepare for the barbecue they’re having in the backyard this afternoon. To be honest, I don’t even know how it went this far. I blacked out for a little while.”

Facebook/Animals in Predicaments

30. “I said I wanted to eat hot dogs for lunch, not become one myself! I guess I’ll learn to be more specific when I ask for something to eat next time. Welp… someone might as well pass me the mustard while I’m sitting here.”

Facebook/Animals in Predicaments

31. Well, that’s certainly one way to get clean. “I thought this was a bird bath, but something tells me I’ve only gotten dirtier since I got in this thing. Hey, did someone press the flush button? Help me out, please!”

Facebook/Animals in Predicaments

32. “My doctor said that I’m at a high risk for never having osteoporosis, so he’s got me on this new juice diet. I guess, it’s supposed to make me more susceptible to getting hurt in the future. They did say he’s a cat person…”

Facebook/Animals in Predicaments

33. While the seagulls here are valiantly attempting to rid themselves of their eagle-foe, the bird of prey seems cool as a cucumber. “Yeah, I’m gonna eat your friend. What are you gonna do about it?”

Facebook/Animals in Predicaments

34. “I told my owner that we needed to do something about the spider problem in our house, but I don’t think she’s called the exterminator yet. Maybe they’ll at least cast me in the next Spider-Man movie. It’s not even Halloween.”

Facebook/Animals in Predicaments

35. This is exactly why dogs are not allowed to climb like their feline counterparts. “Huh, I guess I never thought about getting down. That sure is a heck of a long way. Would someone down there mind lending me a hand—er, paw?”

Facebook/Animals in Predicaments

36. This mountain lion must’ve thought she was visiting the Space Needle in Seattle. “I didn’t know they were so being so literal when named this skyscraper. Yeah, it’s definitely a great view, but getting down could be a bit… prickly.”

Facebook/Animals in Predicaments

37. So much for trying to get the best view of the city. “I always wondered what it would be like to stand on the other side of the window! I have to say, I like it much more inside than I do standing on this tiny window sill.”

Facebook/Animals in Predicaments

38. They say that you are what you eat, but who knew that they really meant it? On the bright side, breaking through the matrix might mean this cat has access to unlimited Meow Mix.

Facebook/Animals in Predicaments

39. That’s quite the hairdo you’ve got there, bud. “Everyone is always saying I’m undatable. But honestly, I think I’m a super fungi. People just need to get to know me, right? Wait, is my hat distracting?”

Facebook/Animals in Predicaments

40. Well, this dog might’ve just picked the wrong emu to pick on. “This is what I get for thinking I’m the toughest guy on the block. I promise, I’ll never come back if you just let me leave!”

Facebook/Animals in Predicaments

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