Photos Prove That Cats And Possums Are The Best Friends You Can Have

Cats aren’t exactly known for being social creatures. As any cat owner will tell you, our feline friends prefer to do things their own way, meaning they can often seem independent and cold. 

However, when they do decide to show their affection, cats are as loving as can be. They choose whom — or what — to get close to, which sometimes results in a very unlikely friendship.

This cat was scratching at the back door one day, and when her owners opened it, they saw that she’d brought home a new friend: a baby possum!

catpossum1Facebook / Cat and Crow

This match might seem unusual, but it’s not unheard of: cats and possums actually make a wonderful pair! When this possum was found abandoned in a yard as a baby, the homeowners and their new cat quickly welcomed him into the family.

catpossum2Facebook / Cat and Crow

It’s easy to see why cats would be attracted to a possum’s sweet, cuddly nature. 

catpossum3Facebook / WildCare

However, cats can also make friends with all kinds of other animals.

catpossum4Facebook / Diana Field

This fox was also rescued from the wild and now lives with his best feline friend.

catpossum5Facebook / Cat and Crow

Some cats even gravitate toward creatures that share an unusual physical trait!

catpossum6Facebook / For Animals.

Possums also frequently make friends with other species. No wonder these two creatures share such a beautiful relationship!

catpossum7Facebook / Cat and Crow

These animals could teach us humans something about getting along in spite of our differences!

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