These Cats Acting Like Humans Will Put A Huge Smile On Your Face

Have you ever heard the theory that dogs resemble their owners or vice versa? Though it may be true, cats are a completely different story. Instead of trying to look like us, these felines are taking notes on how we walk, talk, and live our lives — leading them to act just like… humans.

Worry not. Despite what the internet likes us to believe, your cat won’t end up plotting to kill you, so just sit back and enjoy these kitties’ silly behaviors. After all, that’s the best part of being a cat owner, isn’t it?

1. Have you ever loved a picture of yourself so much that you just want to give it a little kiss? If the computer weren’t so old, maybe this kitty could post its portrait on Instagram for some clicks and licks.

2. Have you ever been doing your business in a public restroom when someone starts pulling on the door handle, so you have a mini-heart attack even though you know it’s locked? This cat knows.

3. “Catet Meowson reporting for duty! First, we will take out the mice one by one, and once we have asserted our dominance and reclaimed the living room area, we will attack the dogs. Show no meowrcy!”

4. This is what we in the business call a Kool Kat. He strolls along without a care in the world, knowing that his bowl is filled, his litter box is cleaned and his fur is licked to perfection.

5. If you’re planning to let any kittens into your house, be ready for a mess like no other. The look of pure innocence on their faces makes having a rave in your bathroom all worth it, though.

6. We can all guess what look this momma cat is giving her child who got himself in quite a conundrum. You made your couch, now you have to hang upside down between the cushions.

7. Finally, a cat who helps out around the house! It’s nice of him to want to clean the human toilet, but it would be even nicer if he emptied his own litter box every once in a while.

8. While it does seem like this peculiar UFO-shaped contraption is made for the cat to sit in, he is not going about it in the best way possible. This cat may be beauty, but he sure isn’t grace, and now he is squishing his furry white face.

9. “Heeeeyyy, whatcha working on? Oh, a thesis paper? Is it about catnip? No? Okay, well, stop wasting your time then and play with me, human! I’ve got a much better mouse for ya right here!”

10. “Hmmmm, where shall I sit that is comfortable for both me and my dad that will let me take a rest while showing him that I love him? Oh yeah, right on his face! Good morning papa!”

11. Life without thumbs can be difficult! This cat finds out the hard way that gigantic slices of sausage shouldn’t be carried around this way.

12. This cat is either a very clumsy fan of boxes or a very skilled costume designer. “You’ve heard of Batman, but now we present to you… Catman!” Who can resist this winking superhero?

13. This cat looks like he’s in a movie scene where he tells a story to a younger cat at a bar. “Back in the day, I used to know a Calico named Rosalyn who was the prettiest feline in town…”

14. “Oh, my catness you’ve caught me! Close the door, please!” What’s weirder: finding your cat taking a bath by itself or discovering that it’s wearing your shower cap to keep its fur dry?

15. That feeling when you’re reading The Cat In The Hat and you’re right at the part where they’ve made a huge mess and the mother is about to come home and tear them a new one…

16. Wouldn’t it be strange if cats could also be allergic to certain humans? “Oh hi, let me sit on your lap for a little cuddle session. ah…ah…ah…an…hachoo!”

17. “Sit down, Gary, we need to have a talk. Your behavior is out of control. You come home all scratched up from fights every night, and you got 3 of the neighbor’s felines pregnant. We’re going to get you snipped.”

18. People think most households cats don’t get along, but that is definitely not always the case. This famous Japanese couple is all the rage because they act just like a human couple, including sharing romantic dinners!

19. Any cat owner will tell you that feline friends LOVE to get all up in whatever business you’re conducting, no matter what it is. This little guy actually seems helpful, but beware: curiosity kills the cat!

20. Meanwhile, at the fur salon: “Have you SEEN that new Maine Coon who just moved into the neighborhood? Who is she trying to impress with that ridiculously long coat? Oh, just a lick and a blow-dry for me, Rebecca, thank you.”

21. You’re not fooling anyone, Mr. Whiskers. Every day you pretend to read the business section to check up on the stock market but we hear you giggling at the Garfield comics!

22. Did this cat see The Boy In The Plastic Bubble recently? While this kitty looks pretty adorable, we don’t think this helps it stay clean, and The Cat In The Big Glass Jar just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

23. Smokey The Cat has a lot on his to-do list. There are catnaps; he must wash, eat some dry food, watch the birds, and nap some more (and we all know this snow isn’t going to turn itself yellow)!

24. No one is as good at napping as cats are. They curl up like a croissant with their head between their paws, their tail around them like a blanket… except for this little kitten, who passed out like we all do after a long day. We’re feline pretty sleepy!

25. This orange fella either enjoyed the right amount of catnip or he is just living out a typical retired dad life — sitting on the porch, overlooking his property, ignoring his wife and telling his son to go ask his mother. Ahh, life is purrfect.

26. Sometimes when cats act like people, they get punished by their humans like with this sibling rivalry. Fighting over toys, the best spot on the couch, who gets to watch TV, and of course, who gets the most food… behave, kitties!

27. When your pet misbehaves, it’s not always enough to shame them on the internet with a sign depicting their naughtiness. These cat-owners made their bad kitty wear a hat as punishment too, and we are here for it!

28. Bullies are never welcome and should face severe repercussions when they’ve been a little mean. Apparently, this cat’s hiss is even worse than its bite because he’s scared off not one, but several big dogs!

29. Of course, not everyone is as tough as the previous two bullies. Cats are known to fight each other, but you have to know your strengths and limits. This cat clearly didn’t.

30. Cats can wreak quite some havoc when alone, but when partnered up? They are truly unstoppable. It looks like the orange one cleans himself a little too much, and the other is just turning it into a disaster.

31. “Mom, look what I’ve brought you!” It wouldn’t be the first time a cat proudly presented a small, unwelcome, dead animal to their owner, but it’s supposed to be kitty’s own prey, not something rotten from the side of the road.

32. Feline friends are famous for knocking things down. Mugs, phones, pencils — nothing is safe on your table, counter, or shelf. You better glue them down or hide them elsewhere because kitty does clearly NOT approve.

33. While cats themselves are super secretive about their bathroom habits, they can be extremely interested in OUR bathroom business. Try going #2 with this guy staring at you…

34. There’s nothing like a good cat opera to wake you up in the middle of the night thinking someone has been murdered. Although we shouldn’t blame them for being active when it’s dark, no one appreciates an early morning screech fest.

35. Whether they’re climbing up your curtains, scratching up your furniture, stinking up the place, or straight up breaking your blinds, your cat will find a way to make you lose that security deposit. Was it worth it?

36. This young kitten may have simply wanted to play with the fish or drink out of the tank, but we remain a little bit suspicious. Were you trying to eat your adoptive sibling, little one? Either way, it looks like the fish won.

37. Unfortunately, this cat was a little more successful. We’re starting to sense a pattern here… Maybe, just maybe, cats and fish don’t go together. You can keep trying, though!

38. To a cat, there is nothing better than a warm laptop with a fun keyboard to step all over. Especially when their human is trying to work. “Oops, your whole desktop in the trash? I’ll keep purring anyway.”

39. “Excuse me… what are you doing?” “Mind your own business human… and shut the freaking door!” If you haven’t had your toilet paper torn up, you’ve never owned a cat.

40. Who knew cats liked not only regular fish but cheddar-flavored goldfish snacks as well? This little one has taken snacking to the next level. He’s clever enough to hide the snacks and eat them quietly, too!

41. We’re not sure who thought letting a cat and a hamster play together would be a great idea, but we hope they’ve at least learned from this experience. At least the hamster wasn’t eaten, but this doesn’t sound like a good time either.

42. While catnip is, of course, totally awesome, your cat needs to take it easy. Remember kitties: it’s hugs, not drugs! This guy got so spacey he couldn’t even make it to the litter box!

43. Imagine just swimming along, minding your own business, when suddenly a giant fur ball pukes, well, a giant furball into your home! Come on, cat! Did you hit the nip with the other guy?

44. “NOTHING beats a good cardboard box. Nothing. Not the Amazon order you’ve been looking forward to for days, and definitely not the new toy or play place you’ve bought for me. Just give me the box already, Cheryl.”

45. Eek! There’s only one thing worse than your cat bringing you a dead mouse: your cat bringing you a live mouse, and then dropping it into the toilet for you.

46. Surely if a human did this, there would be greater consequences than just a sign and a picture on the internet! This brand new mamma cat doesn’t seem to be bothered one bit. Someone’s ready to start a family!

47. We know cats and hamsters and fish don’t mix, but an adventurous cat and a brightly-lit Christmas tree is a CATastrophe waiting to happen. It all starts with a little gnawing on the branches, and before you know it, the angel on top is coming down fast!

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