17 Dogs And Cats Who Are Trying Their Absolute Best But Are Still Failing At Life

We pet owners tend to dream of being able to train our cats and dogs, as if one day we’ll transform into the Dog Whisperer and our furry friends will listen to our every command. Short of this, most of us just settle for hoping our sweet pets can control themselves when guests arrive.

Still, that could sometimes be easier said than done. Everybody does silly things every once in a while, and these pets are no different!

Here are just a few cats and dogs who are trying to stay out of trouble… but just can’t! They might not be perfect, but these adorable little fur-balls are definitely doing their best, and we love them for it!

1. “In retrospect, yes, Jason, I regret having eaten your ice cream. You see, I wasn’t thinking straight. I was hurt, and I was angry that you wouldn’t let me eat your turkey. I now see the error of my ways.”

01-dogs-and-cats-doing-their-bestDoggos Doing Things / Instagram

2. Tragically, this cat has forgotten how to… cat. Besides the fact that that kitty doesn’t seem to know how faucets work, he must not have gotten the memo that cats are supposed to hate water!

02-dogs-and-cats-doing-their-bestKitters Doing Things / Instagram

3. It is a common occurrence for cats to decide to fall asleep just about anywhere they could. The fact that she’s sleeping on this particular object isn’t the strangest thing about this photo—it’s that she’s fallen asleep face-first!


4. “Yes, it does appear the ice cream is gone. Indeed it does! I wonder how on Earth such a an unusual phenomenon could have ever occurred! Perhaps I will have to study more ice cream for reference.”


5. Someone wants to be a model, don’t they? If you think this handsome guy is smoldering now, just wait until you see his take on Derek Zoolander’s “Blue Steel.” Clearly, he is the greatest dog model of this generation.


6. It looks like someone else wants to be a model, too! This fella has so much joy and enthusiasm in his work—not to mention he’s so handsome—that he’s bound to get a contract soon!


7. “These are mine. So is this thing.” It really looks like this cat is being a bit over-protective of her things, not just from her body language, but the rather concerned look on her face! She’s clearly all twisted up in knots.


8. Life is hard, isn’t it? Sometimes everything seems okay, sure, but then you have those days when you just want to stay in the bathroom all day and cry with a cardboard tissue box on your head.


9. In fact, life can be really, really hard. You could laugh at this cat all you want (which is encouraged), but who among us can say they haven’t had a day like that at least once in their lives?

09-dogs-and-cats-doing-their-bestKitters Doing Things / Instagram

10. “It is the year 3043. The humans have long since abandoned this Earth. Yet the Great Corgi War still rages, from the forests to the hills to the beaches. This ends tonight, comrades. To waaaar!”

10-dogs-and-cats-doing-their-bestDoggos Doing Things / Instagram

11. “The revenge of Catbeard is finally upon us. Fear him, mortal men, for he cares not how many toys you have to provide as gifts, nor how many mice or fish you may sacrifice in his honor. He knows only darkness.”


12. Here, we see a bird trying to use a bicycle and a cat trying not to eat a bird trying to use a bicycle. It’s all quite normal, actually. What, do things like this not happen in your own home?


13. “Let me out of this wretched portal! I swear to you, human, when I escape from this ungodly realm, I shall smite you and everybody you have ever loved for your actions here today.”


14. “I am human boy. I go to school now. I wear old shoes. You put lunch in backpack and take me to bus stop. You say ‘bye bye’ and bus go ‘beep beep beep!’ Teacher say I am good boy.”


15. “Dog 404 Cannot Be Reached.” It’s not entirely clear what’s happening here, but whatever it is, it doesn’t look normal or, to put it quite simply, like anything else ever seen before! Let’s hope his pals resuscitate him.


16. “Mrow. Can I please go to the store with you? I promise I’ll be good! I just can’t stand to stay here one moment longer without you. By the way, you’re going to get more tuna, right? We’re almost out.”


17. The Disney princesses are getting weird. Elsa was pretty cool with her ice powers and everything, but Darla the Derpy Dog might have a bit of a harder time connecting with little girls.


Aw, they’re doing their best. And regardless, they’ll always be adorable, so there’s that!

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