Cat With Its Head Stuck In A Cup Gets A Hand From An Unexpected Savior

Cats are infamous for their curiosity and, naturally, it tends to get them into sticky situations. Some of the time, they’re able to free themselves on their own, while for others, they require a little assistance from an outsider.

There’s not always someone around to help, of course. This poses a problem, since cats need their human friends’ critical thinking ability to read a situation and determine a proper course of action to help them out of their situation. But, rescue efforts don’t always have to come from human beings!

Larisa Devito had been spending a recent afternoon at a local park when she spotted a cat who was clearly in need of help. He had gotten his head stuck in a plastic cup and couldn’t seem to figure out how to get it off. But before she could act, a very unlikely hero stepped in to save the day!

Cats are curious by nature, but that curiosity can sometimes lead them into some precarious situations, and it often takes the help of a human to get them out. A woman named Larisa Devito came across one such situation one day when she spotted a poor feline who was in need of assistance. But before Larisa could step in, something extraordinary happened!

It was a gorgeous weekend afternoon, and Larisa wanted to take her dog to the nearby park so they could soak up some of the sun’s rays and enjoy a quaint lunch. A few minutes after she sat down, however, she heard a strange noise behind her. She spun around and saw a cat—his head stuck in a red plastic cup—frantically running in circles trying to free himself!

Larisa had no idea where the cat came from. Maybe he belonged to someone at the park? She didn’t want to put her hands on another person’s animal, but if the cat couldn’t free himself on his own, she would eventually need to do something. She wasn’t sure what to do…

While she deliberated, Larisa couldn’t help but chuckle to herself at the predicament the cat had gotten himself in. He clearly wasn’t injured; he was just in a tough spot. He kept running in circles and shaking his neck violently, hoping to dislodge the cup.

After running a few short laps forward, the cat then began to try to back himself out of the cup, which proved impossible. Larisa finally decided it was time to stop watching and start helping. But, suddenly, a very unexpected rescuer stepped in…

That’s when Larisa’s dog started to slowly approach the cat. He’d been watching the whole scene unfold, and he was just as curious as Larisa as to how to help the poor feline free himself from his plastic predicament. Knowing her dog was gentle, Larisa decided to cautiously wait and see what would happen.

Larisa’s dog was wary of the cat at first. The feline was still acting erratically and spinning in circles, which made the pooch a bit uneasy for the first few minutes. But, he eventually got close enough and started sniffing…

Even though the cat’s head was completely covered by the cup, he seemed to be aware that there was another animal close by. He suddenly became very still, as if he was listening intently to determine from which direction Larisa’s dog was approaching—and if the pooch was a friend or foe.

Then, without warning, the dog opened his mouth wide and started to bite down on the plastic cup. Larisa panicked; at first, it looked like he was trying to hurt the cat. Then Larisa realized what he was doing: he was actually trying to help pull off the cup! But would her dog’s efforts work?

We humans aren’t the only ones who have the ability to step in and help an animal in distress! Watch the video Larisa took of the entire incident below, and see whether or not her dog was able to save the day!

It’s amazing that Larisa’s dog actually tried to help as opposed to creating more chaos. Sometimes, it takes an animal to save his fellow furry friend in need!

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