20 Cats Who Learned An Important Life Lesson The Hard Way And Are Now Regretting It Big Time

There’s no doubt that bees are essential little workers that make much of our ecosystem function. While those little buzzing bugs help give us flowers and trees, that doesn’t change just how much their sting can hurt.

An annoyed bee can be bad enough for us humans, but when you mix it with the curiosity of a cat, it’s a recipe for some serious trouble!

While you can’t help but feel bad for the kitties who just didn’t know any better, they are a little funny-looking. If you’ve never seen a cat after an encounter with a bee, look no further than these troublemakers!

1. Is that Rudolph the red-nosed kitty cat? Too bad cats aren’t exactly known for spending time in the snow and freezing cold; otherwise, Santa might have someone new to guide his sleigh this season.

2. Poor little guy! This cat now goes by a new name, and that name is, of course, Bigfoot. However, his name is the only thing he shares with his more elusive namesake. Sightings of this particular Bigfoot happen every time someone shakes a bag of cat food.


3. Talk about taking it on the chin! This cat always felt a bit insecure about the size of his chin, coming from a family of weak-chinned cats. However, now that he’s out of the plastic surgeon’s office, he’s not sure if the Crimson Chin was the look he should have gone with.


4. The flat-faced fellow is looking a little bit fluffier than usual. Why is that, you might ask? Because he got a little too up close and personal with mother nature. Deep breaths, buddy. This will pass!

5. Find something to bite down on other than your tail, little one! It’s clear that the bee sting that left this poor cat’s paw a little bigger than usual has her hurting in a major way. Poor thing! The good news is that at least she knows how to comfort herself.


6. Leno, is that you? While the resemblance between the late night talk show host and this cat is undeniable, you’ve got to wonder whether or not this feline has what it takes to host his very own nightly TV show.


7. Hope that honeybee was tasty! It’s clear that this cat isn’t one who was going to go down without a fight. Cons to fighting a bee? Getting stung by a bee. Pros to fighting a bee? You get to have a spicy little midday snack.

8. “Make sure to get my good side.” While both sides of this cat’s face are totally adorable, one is definitely chubbier. He might be playing it cool, but it’s clear somebody lost a battle with a tiny buzzing enemy.


9. Time for a comparison! Sure this guy already has some big paws, but nothing compares to the one he tried to use to swat a bee. Obviously, the regret is real. He can’t even look into the camera!

10. This Sphinx cat is reflecting on her poor decisions. You would think a breed of cat that already looks so unusual would know better than to do something that would make her look even more unusual… but no.


11. This little fellow may be a kitty whose face is swollen from an encounter with a bee, but with this sharp jawline he looks a whole lot more like an A-List actor. Seriously, this guy is one major motion picture away from being nominated for an Oscar.

12. Watch where you’re stepping, kitty! This cat tends to be a little bit of a space cadet. She wanders through life not really paying attention to where she’s going. That all ends now that she’s stepped on a bee!


13. Aw, what happened? Did somebody spot what they thought was a delicious flying treat only to discover that said delicious flying treat could fight back? After taking a big ol’ bite of the little bug, this cat sure learned quick!

14. You can see the regret written all over this poor cat’s face. He thought he was being a loyal friend in defending the homestead. He had no idea that he’d be temporarily giving up his good looks!


15. This cat isn’t going through a growing spurt, oh no. Instead, he’s paying the price for thinking that it was a good idea to issue a smackdown to a bee. Little kitty, just because it’s tinier than you doesn’t always mean it’s harmless.

16. Gnarly, bro! While this might look like an unfortunate surfing accident, the truth is that even a cat’s toes aren’t safe from the angry temper of a bee who was been interrupting by a curious cat!


17. “Ther berz sterng mer.” You know how there’s the saying “a picture speaks louder than a thousand words?” That’s definitely the case here. Ouch! Check out the swollen mug on that kitty.


18. Meouch! Someday this young feline will grow up into a large, proud adult house cat. Until that day comes, he can always look at his swollen gigantic paw and pretend that day has already arrived for him.

19. Belly rubs will fix it! While the effects of the bee’s sting won’t last long, they certainly aren’t fun to suffer through. Luckily, a cuddle with his owner seems to be all the cure this cat needs.


20. Shake it off, kitty, that swollen paw is practically child’s play compared to some of the other stung kittens we have witnessed on this list. When you’re a cat, the world is full of peril. Luckily, the world is also full of people willing to pet you until you feel better!


Surely these cats all learned their lesson! Just in case your cat doesn’t, you should follow these instructions to help your cat if they’ve been stung by a bee. They could need vet attention!

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