Huge Dogs Once Used For Hunting Bears Are The Most Massive Pups We’ve Ever Seen

Devoted dog lovers can sometimes feel like they know everything about canines. In fact, some might claim that they've heard of every single dog breed out there. (That's a mighty big claim, seeing as there are more than 330 recognized breeds, according to the World Canine Organization!)

Of course, even the biggest dog lover isn't familiar with every pup in the world. If you think you know about all the awesome large breeds, you'd better think again! Here's one big guy you likely haven't heard of, and he just might be your new favorite...

Move over for the Caucasian mountain dog! These giant pooches were bred to hunt bears in the Caucasus region of Russia, and by the looks of them, it definitely seems that was a believable feat.
That's right, these dogs were bred specifically so that they could be strong enough to take down a bear. Can your pitbull do that? Probably not! Even as puppies they look enormous— also adorable!
These big boys can weigh up to a whopping 200 pounds, and with their super-thick coats, you can bet that they shed almost their own body weight's worth of hair every day. Woof!
Can you imagine how long it would take for the groomer to keep these doggos looking fresh? Just check out how much fur this dog shed during the spring. It's almost the size of a whole other dog!