Celebrity Nannies Expose The Ways They're Asked To Play ‘Mommy' For The Stars

There is a huge amount of responsibility involved in taking care of children full time, and only the bravest of childcare professionals cross the threshold into becoming a celebrity nanny — which comes with some insane requirements and absurd requests. On the surface, working for one of your favorite celebrities may seem great, but the nightmares these nannies shared may prove otherwise.

Serious background checks

If you are escaping criminal charges or attempting to flee a secret family in Florida, the celebrity nanny career path is not for you. Most celebs rely on FBI-style background checks to clear the people who help raise their kids.

Don't forget the chickens

As a woman raising eight children, having a nanny makes perfect sense and borders on being a necessity. Kate Gosselin of reality TV fame required practices beyond just taking care of her kids. She had her nanny tend to the family chicken coop!

Moves like mommy

If you plan on working for Beyonce, you should probably be a professional dancer as well. When Blue Ivy got upset, the only thing that calmed her was the Single Ladies dance. Therefore, the nanny was required to perform.

Wear a wig

Julia Roberts required her nanny to wear a wig that emulated her auburn locks while she was away working. Therefore, while the nanny was playing pretty woman, the kids would think their mother was home.