Chickens Caught Doing Bad Deeds Wear Signs Of Shame As Hilarious ‘Punishment’

Why did the chicken cross the road? Most likely to flee the scene of a crime! A chicken is many things — stout and fluffy, for example — but they have never been described as innocent. No, these beady-eyed hens have no problem breaking the rules…until they have to face the music.

When these badly behaved birds got caught red-clawed, their humans knew exactly what punishment fit their crimes. So, they scrawled out their deeds on tiny little signs, positioned their feathered fiends, and let the public shaming rip!

1. Tough luck, Geraldine. This is the equivalent of crashing your parent’s company car when you took the keys without permission. Next time, mom should tell you how important the garden is to her before she lets you prance willy nilly.


2. You know you’ve screwed up when you get the shame sign and the finger wag. When asked if she had anything to say for herself, she croaked, “ahem, sorry, just got a little frog in my throat.” Straight to the time out chair.

Therealjoesimon / Instagram

3. That is one ruthless mother clucker! Her parents feed, house, and care for her, and she repays them by picking away at their precious pumpkins. If only there was something to keep the chickens away, enclosed somehow…hmm…all within a barrier?


4. Are we sure this is a chicken? From that proud defiant stare, you’d think it was a peacock. Really, the shame sign isn’t necessary here. One look at this face tells you this creature’s favorite sport is making mayhem.


5. This chicken has no clue what she wants. One second she’s freaking out, pecking her sharp beak at anyone that comes too close. The next, she’s dazed with comfort, snuggled up like a lap dog. Intimacy is a struggle, folks.


6. Francis tried to snatch a frisbee one time, and she forever got stuck with the label “dog.” She’d watched her human and the pup perform the routine over and over, so she thought they’d appreciate another player. Guess not.

Queen Farm Chick / Instagram

7. Gertrude loves a bit of razzle dazzle. So much so that she had to have the pretty sparkles glinting on her human’s nose. Unfortunately, in her jewelry-snatching fervor, she swallowed the rhinestone. Now she’ll never get to have her beak pierced.


8. Between beak fulls of feed, Darlene shouted, “and I don’t see how that’s any of your business!” So she’s got a robust appetite, who doesn’t? When the alternative is sitting quietly and popping out eggs, stuffing your face wins out.


9. Tiffany was born to flee the coop. She dreamed of, one day, breaking out of her cage, venturing on her own, and exploring new heights. So, on her 18th birthday, she packed no bags and flapped her way into a tree.

Urbanfarmscapes / Instagram

10. Uh oh. Someone thinks they’re a rooster. Unless…she’s playing a long-term, manipulative mind game to fool her humans into giving her all the snacks. Either way, it’s working.


11. “Kettle, organic, truffle chips, Mom, or I’ll unleash the storm!” You think getting your kids to eat anything other than mac and cheese is a trial? Try to transition a feisty vindictive chicken off of her favorite potato chips.


12. No matter what your mamma does, never peck her in the eye. It doesn’t matter if her eyes look like delicious brown bags of feed glinting in the sunshine. That’s the act of a capital-letter Naughty Chicken.


13. Piper recognizes the fact that she is a spoiled little baby, and why shouldn’t she be? If we were all this cute, round, and compact, we would surely use our ample lung capacity to fill the air with sharp screeches.

Kaleidoscopemeadows / Instagram

14. Shaming accomplished. This is the most humiliated chicken on the list; just look at her bowed head and fixed-on-the-floor gaze. Here’s hoping she works out whatever is causing her egg fright, for her human’s breakfast, certainly, but more importantly, for her self-esteem.

Funkyhair25 / Instagram

15. “I don’t wanna work, I just want to sit on this nest all day!” Three guesses who’s the biggest Todd Rundgren fan in the coop! That’s right, it’s Jodie. She’s assured her humans that all the R&R will be worth it when lays her egg masterpiece.


16. Hang whatever sign you need on this chicken’s neck, she already won the epic game of pet versus parent. First off, she’s a chicken that sleeps inside the house. Pooping in her human’s room was the final victory lap of her domestication.


17. After weeks of training, Mary Joe finally grasped the concept that the humans want her to lay eggs. Nailing down the location of where to lay the eggs requires more practice. Now, she’s more confused than ever. Mainly because she can’t read.

Urbanfarmscapes / Instagram

18. This one is really on the human’s shoulders because it is entirely within a chicken’s nature to act, well, like a chicken. If they were hoping for bravery, they should try a dog next time, because she’s not going to climb out of that Adirondack chair.

Feznix / Instagram

19. Not good. This time, Skipper really crossed the line. The line is defecating on your parent’s face and that is the lowest possible standard. Even if the opportunity presented itself, and she had a clear path to the target, she should have known better. Textbook animal behavior.


20. See, this chicken tried to use the litter box to curb the habit of errant pooping, and she still got rapped on the, uh, claws. Luckily, chickens stay clean by taking dust baths. Rolling in the dirt keeps lice and mites off their feathers.


21. When your parents don’t go grocery shopping for a few weeks, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. The humans of this foul mouthed bird definitely skipped out on fresh eggs for a few rounds for good measure.


What we have here is a two man operation. One slips in quickly, does the deed, and the other covers up the tracks. Ol’ Fido gets punished, and he’s not the first non-chicken to end up doing hard time for a wacky slip-up.


2. This dog was caught red-pawed picking on their cat sibling. Dogs lead us to believe that their feline siblings taunt and manipulate them. When our backs are turned, so are the tables

RedditYankee / Reddit

3. So much for celebrations. This cake was destroyed after a stealthy feline attack rendered it uneatable. By the look on this cat’s face, they didn’t plan on leaving any cake for the rest of the party, either.

4. Look at this most interesting dog in the world. He showed no shame at all towards his owner who caught him making a mess out of the school supplies. One might even say that he looked somewhat proud of himself.

Audrey Rosenstein / Twitter

5. Cats go under the couch all the time, but they usually don’t go through it. This feline friend managed to use their time away from their human to make a cat door in the couch.

Ccherry91 / Tumblr

6. Not all dogs enjoy getting baths, but apparently, this Siberian Husky did! This little pup found a place to relax in their very own, personal-sized bathtub. Sorry to whoever had to towel off this wet dog…


7. The way of life for a cat usually follows this kitty motto: “If it fits, I sits.” Being a malleable animal, cats normally have no problem squeezing into small places and odd shapes — and this one was living proof!

Iakasuasro102 / Reddit

8. On the other hand, dogs are not so great at fitting and sitting. When this owner realized her pooch wasn’t in the yard anymore, they came outside to find their “good dog” digging a comfy seat in their decorative planter. Guilt was written all over what we could see of their face!

Juuuuice / Reddit

19. This ferret thought a box in the recycling bin was a new toy. When their human returned, they found that their two-toned ferret managed to weasel their way into this box and get stuck. Good thing their human caught them!

MaidSirena / Imgur

10. Learning new tricks we didn’t want them to know is also something our pets do when we aren’t around. This cat was learning how to walk on the ceiling when they were caught in the act.

GermanSuplexingHorses / Imgur

11. When this bunny’s owner turned their back for a split second to grab a spoon, they jumped right up on to the counter and into this unoccupied bowl of Trix cereal. Silly rabbit! “Trix are for kids.”

MediterraneanLiamNeesonCrushedFace / Reddit

12. Even the most innocent looking pets can get up to no good. This little hamster snatched this cherry off of their owner’s plate when they weren’t looking. Needless to say, their days of freedom are gone. It’s the hamster wheel from here on out!

13. This cat’s secret life was clearly a bit unconventional. This tabby cat was involved in the largest pool gambling ring in the state. This photo caught them trying to cheat by intentionally “scratching” during the other team’s turn.

JeeperG / Imgur

14. This human couldn’t help but snap a photo of their dog when they found them like this. Their dog managed to find the egg crate foam in their dog bed and attempt to eat through it. They were almost successful… until it got stuck on their head.

15. This cat saw their human accidentally left the refrigerator open and took this opportunity to let their alter-ego “Fridge Cat” out to play! He seemed to regret this plan, no?

Emilyjjobot / Imgur

16. In any family, siblings pick on each other, especially the youngest ones. Things are no different in canine families. These two puppies decided their younger sibling was going to get a swirly!

17. Because of the black “mask” on their faces, raccoons are thought to look like little bandits. Their facial coloring is not coincidental though, they really are mischievous thieves in their secret lives. This raccoon was caught in the middle of a heist!

18. Sometimes dogs forget that their humans aren’t supposed to find out what they’re up to. This dog had absolutely no way of hiding the mess they made when their humans weren’t home, but they don’t seem that worried about it!

19. If you want a visual demonstration of what the words “criminally guilty” mean, then this photo is for you. This dog, seemingly proud of their work, was just happy that their owner was home again, not realizing the mess they made. Their reaction to being left home alone for fifteen minutes was next-level dramatic.

20. This cat was practicing scaling the walls while their human was at work, only to make a grave miscalculation. When their owner returned home, they were caught in the act, with no way to hide!

21. Hampers are no match for a curious young dog. New smells, old smells, just smell that smell. He was caught red-pawed sticking his nose where it shouldn’t be when the hamper lid got stuck on his head!

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