Chihuahua Family Has An Unlikely Father Figure, And It Will Make Your Day

There’s a family living above the busy streets of Bangkok, Thailand that’s unlike any you’ve seen before. They’re a group so cute and loving that you might just want to move in with them.

Unfortunately, there’s no room for you or me in this family, and for good reason: they’re all chihuahuas! But if you think that’s incredible, just wait until you meet the master of the house.

These little nuggets live underneath a single roof in Bangkok, Thailand. While there are enough of them to form a small canine army, they’re not the ones who rule the roost…

01-chihuahuas-raised-by-catInstagram / Yuta Family

…That honor goes to Ritchie the cat.

02-chihuahuas-raised-by-catInstagram / Yuta Family

It’s obvious that Ritchie is the boss of the home, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his canine siblings.

03-chihuahuas-raised-by-catInstagram / Yuta Family

Funny enough, Ritchie’s the closest with Kuma, the smallest of the chihuahuas.

04-chihuahuas-raised-by-catInstagram / Yuta Family

They have such a strong bond that wherever you find Ritchie, you’ll find Kuma trailing behind him.

05-chihuahuas-raised-by-catInstagram / Yuta Family

Despite their differences, this family has a lot of love to offer each other.

06-chihuahuas-raised-by-catInstagram / Yuta Family

…And while they’re all pretty photogenic, it helps that they look extra cute together!

07-chihuahuas-raised-by-catInstagram / Yuta Family

Check out Yuta Family’s Instagram here. Who wouldn’t want to see more of these adorable pals?

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