Nervous Kitten Desperately Trying To Hide Gets Stuck In A Very Tricky Situation

Everyone can agree that the relationship between cats and their infamous curiosity is commonly a hazardous one. There’s a reason the idiom “curiosity killed the cat” is so widely used and recognized!

Seemingly uninterested in disproving the saying, cats continue to be ensnared by their proclivity for investigating things. Unfortunately, this often results in some fairly precarious situations.

When Lola’s adoptive family brought home their new cat, they understood that it would take some time for her to warm up to them. But when they hadn’t seen her for several days, it became clear that she’d ventured into danger…

Like most recently adopted cats, Lola’s transition into her new home wasn’t exactly smooth. She still had to get over her nervous tendencies and warm up to her new family before she could feel totally comfortable. Naturally, she sought a warm, dark place to hide…


While Lola’s adoptive family was well aware that it might take some time for their new kitty to feel comfortable around them, they were still concerned when she went missing for a particularly long period of time. So long, in fact, that they worried their new pet had run away.


After not finding Lola for four days, her new mom started to worry she’d never see her again. Where had she gone? Then, at that precise moment, she heard a soft meow in the distance. When she looked around, Lola was still nowhere to be found. Then she realized…


It turned out that, in her nervous state of mind, Lola had climbed eight feet up into the home’s chimney—and promptly became stuck. The family decided to call the RSPCA to see if they could come help remove the poor, frightened cat.

chimney-cat-soot-4MERSEYSIDE POLICE

The RSPCA and the Merseyside Fire Service both arrived at 8:30 a.m. to free Lola from the clutches of the chimney. It soon became clear, however, that the task at hand was going to be easier said than done!

chimney-cat-soot-5MERSEYSIDE POLICE

In all, it took the rescuers four hours to remove Lola from the chimney. “We had to devise a plan to get her free, so at first we climbed up on the roof and were poking rods down to see if it would help her get down,” said RSPCA inspector Matt Brown.

chimney-cat-soot-1MERSEYSIDE POLICE

“When they didn’t work, we took the fireplace off and, using long poles, managed to free her,” Matt continued in a press release. “It took some time but it was definitely a worthy job. We were all so pleased to have her free.”

chimney-cat-soot-2MERSEYSIDE POLICE

By the time the rescue crew was finished removing Lola from the chimney of her new home, they were all covered in soot! While there was lots of cleaning up to be done, they were just happy that they were able to save the cat.

chimney-cat-soot-3MERSEYSIDE POLICE

Lola was then quickly transported to the RSPCA’s Greater Manchester Animal Hospital so she could be checked for any possible injuries she might have sustained while inside the chimney.


Lola’s examination went well, and she was released to return to her new home within a couple hours. Now, her adoptive family is doing everything in their power to make sure that she doesn’t find her way into any other sticky situations!


Luckily Lola’s owner realized what happened and contacted the right people before her situation got any worse. Always remember, friends: keep a close eye on your cats!

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