Cat Notices Birds Playing Right Outside The Window And Has A Hilarious Response

Sometimes, when we’re alone, we have the tendency to talk to ourselves out loud. Our brains are focusing on something very intently, and without even thinking about it, we’ll just start speaking our minds. Although it might look unusual to an outsider, it’s perfectly normal to us.

Did you know that some of our furry friends also babble to themselves when they’re deep in thought? It sounds funny, but it’s true!

Just see what happened when one house cat named Charlie was busy watching a group of birds outside the window while his owner secretly filmed him—and his candid reaction was priceless!

There’s a reason why kids come up with imaginary friends. Besides the many psychological and early childhood developmental reasons, sometimes it just feels good to talk to someone—even to yourself—when you’re all alone.

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T1alking out loud isn’t something reserved for the kiddos. Just about everyone lets a few words slip during a solitary moment of extreme focus. Heck, people talk to themselves for no reason at all. It just feels good to let it all out.

Even cats do this, believe it or not! If you’re a pet owner, you’ve probably seen your kitty “talking” to himself. Just take this house cat named Charlie. He’d been watching something outside his window on a perfectly peaceful afternoon…

Derek Zimmerman / YouTube

As Charlie kept watch over something on the other side of the window—most likely birds—he started doing the silliest thing. He began muttering—or chattering or chirping, as some call it. Apparently, it’s not unusual for cats to do this.

Derek Zimmerman / Youtube

Charlie eventually changed positions, but he kept up his chattering! This was one situation where Charlie didn’t want be silent, evidently, because even as he entered pounce mode, he continued making his silly sounds!

Derek Zimmerman / Youtube

Even after Charlie got up to leave, he kept on chattering away. So, what was the deal? Was he—like many cats before him—talking to themselves? Were they hyping themselves up for a hunt? Trying to get outside and play? Experts have weighed in on the subject…

Derek Zimmerman / YouTube

“Generally, cat chirping occurs when a cat is interested in or provoked by prey—a bird, a squirrel or a rodent, for example,” Dr. Erika Loftin, veterinarian at Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital, said in an interview. “It’s more of an excited sound and less of a sound used to hunt. It seems to be universal to cats of all ages and breeds. Even wild cats can make this sound.”

Sara Livingstone / YouTube

However, cat behaviorist Celia Haddon proposed another explanation. “We usually hear this chattering behavior when a cat cannot get to the prey,” she said. “Cats often chatter when they are in the window looking out at birds, for example. I think it is the result of almost overwhelming frustration. The drive to hunt is so strong that it is hardwired into cats.”


Celia’s explanation can be hard-hitting news for some cat lovers. It’s sad to think that Charlie’s cute chirping was actually the result of his frustration. Cats, after all, are just tamed little wild animals, and some argue they still partially harbor the instincts of their wild ancestors and relatives.

Hopefully, Charlie found a way to participate in the thrill of the hunt—even if he just had to chase a laser pointer around the living room! Check out the video below to hear how loud his chattering became—and how strange the noise itself was!

So, was Charlie talking to himself because he was excited or did he want to go outside and stretch his kitty-cat instincts? Only he knows the answer, but at least we get to enjoy his deliberations.

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