This Goose Kept Pecking At His Patrol Car… What Happened When He Followed Her Is Incredible.

When officer James Givens of the Cincinnati Police Department saw a goose start pecking at his car, he initially assumed that the bird was just hungry. Geese have a reputation for being a bit peckish, after all.

But after a while it became clear that the bird just wasn’t going to go away, and that’s when he realized that there was a lot more going on than he thought.

The goose would not stop pecking and quacking. At one point, she stepped away, looked back, and continued pecking. When this happened a second time, Officer Givens knew that something strange was up, so he followed her.


After following the goose to a grassy patch by a creek, Officer Givens saw what the issue was: one of her goslings was caught up in a balloon string and struggling to escape.

2-cop-helps-gooseyoutube/James Givens

There were no wildlife rescuers available at the time, but officer Cecilia Charron volunteered to help, and you have to see what happened…

Soon enough, the baby goose was untangled and reunited with his mother. Officer Charron says that of the 24 years that she has been on the police force, this was the highlight.


Incredible. It’s almost like this mother goose instinctively knew that these officers were trustworthy and friendly. Thank goodness they were there to save that little gosling!

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