Woman Rescues A Scared “Dog” That Turns Out To Be A Different Animal Entirely

What would you do if you spotted a sick, injured, or otherwise helpless animal? We’d all like to think that we’d do the right thing, but sometimes fear or concern for our own safety makes us take pause. For some kindhearted individuals, however, that protective instinct comes without hesitation.

California resident Sharon Bertozzi falls into that category. When she saw a scared, sick dog on her front porch, she immediately sprung into action. That alone would have been special enough, but she was in for quite a surprise!

California resident Sharon Bertozzi discovered a small, terrified animal curled up behind a ceramic vase on her front porch. At first, she assumed the creature was a very sick dog. “My heart just ached for her,” Sharon said in an interview.

1-dog-on-porchCity of Folsom Animal Services

Sharon quickly called City of Folsom Animal Services to save the little animal, who was later named “Princess.” Yet when rescuer Cindy Walden arrived on the scene, she realized that Princess was not a dog at all…

2-dog-on-porchCity of Folsom Animal Services / Facebook

Princess was actually a coyote! She was suffering from a particularly bad case of mange. “She had such soft eyes, that relayed the message of ‘help me if you can,'” Cindy said.

3-dog-on-porchSharon Bertozzi

Gold Country Wildlife Rescue (GCWR) took Princess to their shelter. The coyote was in pain and terribly itchy, but luckily, GCWR specializes in providing care and rehabilitation for a wide variety of orphaned animals.

4-dog-on-porchSharon Bertozzi

It looked like Princess was recovering well after she was given plenty to drink and a nice bath. She was taken to Sierra Wildlife Rescue in Placerville, California once she was feeling well enough. There, she was able to interact with other coyotes just like her.

5-dog-on-porchSharon Bertozzi

She even became friends with the two coyotes that she was placed with. Both were around Princess’s age.

6-dog-on-porchCampbell BobPeg / Facebook

Princess and her pals eventually became so healthy that they were able to be released back into the wild!

7-dog-on-porchCampbell BobPeg / Facebook

Princess is not only safe and healthy, but she’s back in the wild where she belongs. It wouldn’t have been possible, though, if not for the kindness that Sharon showed her in the first place!

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