Man Looking For His Lost Dog Sees An Unusual Ad That Blows His Search Wide Open

As any pet owner can tell you, losing your furry pal is the worst thing that can happen. There’s something especially painful about the uncertainty and helplessness; you know your animal is out there somewhere, but there’s nothing you can do beyond searching and hoping.

One Texas man loved his dog as much as anyone else in his family. So when the pooch went missing, he and his family exhausted themselves searching for him. But what seemed like a hopeless case turned complicated when he saw a post online that sent chills down his spine.

Anthony Phillips had everything that a man could want. He was living the American dream outside of Fort Worth, Texas, with a home, a family, and a beloved pet dog.

Anthony Phillips

In turn, Rufus Junior, or RJ for short, was living the ideal dog’s life. The two-year old dachshund had all the love he could want and a nice yard to play in.

NY Post

And what more could a dog want? Unfortunately for RJ and his family, their idyllic life was about to be shattered one summer afternoon when an unexpected tragedy stuck.


It was the day after the Fourth of July and, perhaps, RJ wanted to revisit the festivities of the previous night. When his parents opened the door to go grocery shopping, he made a sudden move.

Texas Highways

RJ spotted his opportunity and darted out the door. Though his legs were quite stubby, they quickly carried him out into the street. But how far could he have gone?

RJ’s owners figured he couldn’t have gotten that far; if nothing else, he would come home to eat when he started missing his favorite snacks. He had to be somewhere nearby.

Celebrity Dachshund

Time passed, but there was no sign of their beloved pup. Fearing the worst, his owners’ minds started to wander. Maybe he ran off to start a new life? Could another animal have attacked him? There were endless possibilities.

Soon, stress began to take its toll. “It was an empty feeling not having him there,” Phillips said. “It was a scary experience. It was hard on my kids. It really sucked.” He wanted — no, needed — his dog back.

Anthony Phillips

With no other option, he began to ask around the neighborhood. Maybe someone had seen RJ leave the yard or heard barking near their house. Eventually, the Phillips received a shocking tip.

A landscaper who was working nearby had seen RJ on the afternoon in question. But the beloved pup wasn’t walking down the street all on his own — he was last spotted with a different owner! And his story got even weirder.

Elaborating, the landscaper told the Phillips family that he had seen RJ on the street near their home when a car pulled up. A man stepped out and asked the worker a strange question.

The man scooped up the dachshund and asked the landscaper if he knew the dog’s owner. He pointed towards the Phillips’ home, but the stranger didn’t immediately react.

The man tucked RJ under his arm, re-entered the car, and drove away. It was a dognapping! But another neighbor also reached out, saying he might be able to help find the missing pet.

See, his doorbell camera had caught the interaction. While the video wasn’t too clear, it confirmed the landscaper’s account. Anthony’s heart sank, and he shared the news with his family: RJ was gone.


After that, reality sunk in. It was unlikely they would ever see RJ again. But, one afternoon, Anthony saw a strange ad online. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

There was a Craigslist post selling a dachshund, who looked suspiciously like RJ. To make matters worse, the asking price was only $100! Anthony had to act fast before someone bought his pup.

He called the authorities, who placed investigator Ethan Stark on the case. He, too, checked out the ad, before contacting the potential sellers to arrange a meeting. If this dog was RJ, he would find out.

Texas Tribune

A few days later, Anthony received a phone call from Stark; the investigator told him to check his email for an update on the case. With baited breath, Anthony opened his inbox…

To his relief, there was a picture of Stark holding RJ waiting for him! The investigator had recovered the dog and was bringing him home safely. But who was the dognapper?

It turned out that 22-year old Mycah Keyona Wade and her boyfriend scooped up the dog while making deliveries for Amazon. Unsurprisingly, both the company and Anthony condemned their actions.

Parker County Sheriff’s Office

 “We’re letting strangers onto our properties and giving them access to our homes,” he said. “I really hope [Amazon] will up their standards.” But he had an even more important message for pet owners.

“Don’t give up on your dog. We knew our chances of getting him back were not good, but we didn’t quit,” he said. If you love your dog, and your dog is family, don’t give up.” His story and words gave other dog owners hope.

Anthony Phillips

On the other side of the Atlantic, Liz and Graham Hampson needed that hope. Like most, they considered their dogs to be family. Though they have their own adult human son, they devote most of their attention to caring for their schnauzers, Charlie and Theo.

The Hampsons lived in the quiet English village of Buttermere. Maybe it wasn’t the most exciting place in the world, but it was peaceful and gave their dogs plenty of room to roam around. Maybe too much room.

Coleraine Probus Club

The nearby Red Pike fell made for a fantastic walk. The rocky ground could pose a challenge to the inexperienced hiker, but Theo and Charlie had traversed it many times. They probably had every stone memorized.

Striding Edge

One pleasant summer day in 2017, John had rare free time on his hands. He volunteered to take the schnauzers on a walk up by the fell. His parents told him to have a nice stroll.

Both pups, aged 7 years and 15 months respectively, were generally on good behavior. Since there weren’t any other people around they would bother, John decided to let them off their leashes for a while. Wouldn’t some wide open space do them good?

However, the unpredictable British weather threw John for a loop. A heavy mist rolled in out of nowhere, making it impossible to see just a few feet in front of him. He called out so Charlie and Theo would come back to him.

Daily Mail

But as the fog receded, neither schnauzer was anywhere to be seen. Trying not to panic, John scanned the landscape in every direction. He whistled. He prayed. Still nothing.

Meanwhile, Liz and Graham’s relaxing afternoon back home came to an abrupt halt. The phone rang, and neither could process the words coming out of the speaker. John said that their beloved dogs ran away.

The Sampsons were desperate to get their pups back home, though they knew the Red Pike fell posed too much land for just a few people to cover. Without help, they’d never get Theo and Charlie back.

Word about the lost pets got around quickly, and plenty of people stepped forward to help. Over 120 locals volunteered to help look! They didn’t turn up any leads after the first day, so one resident proposed a novel strategy.

The techie brought out his two drones! They flew all over the surrounding Buttermere area, scanning for two scared and hungry schnauzers. But after four days of searching, the dogs were still nowhere to be seen.

Sky News

Things weren’t looking good, and Liz and Graham’s hopes began to waver. They figured that their poor canines must be starving out there. And that sad thought suddenly transformed into a bright idea.

Graham, rifled through the refrigerator without stopping to explain to his wife what he was looking for. She saw him grab a package from one of the drawers and dash outside. He was headed for Red Pike fell.

Liz followed her husband out to the exact spot where John lost track of the dogs. She then understood that he’d carried a bundle of sausages out of the fridge, and they were now roasting over a small portable grill.

HuffPost UK

His plan was simple. If the hungry dogs hadn’t gotten far from where John had lost them, they would smell the crispy, sizzling sausages. And if he knew anything about Charlie and Theo, it was that they couldn’t resist a barbecue.


The couple crossed their fingers as the grill sputtered. Then, two tiny silhouettes appeared on the horizon. “When they first appeared it was like a mirage. I could not believe it was them,” recalled Liz.

Charlie and Theo returned! The moment proved overwhelming for their human parents, who couldn’t believe that their last-ditch strategy worked. However, they had one phone call to make before they could really celebrate.

John, now back at the naval base, had been in an awful way. When his parents called him to share the good news, they heard a chorus of cheers in the background as he told his sailor pals that the dogs were back.

Atlanta Metro Council

Nobody quite knows what Charlie and Theo, who happen to be father and son, got up to during their four days in the wild. Maybe they were busy with some heroics out there? Strange as it sounds, it’s happened before.

Lancashire Life

Without her dog Naida, Four-year-old Karina Chikitova wouldn’t have made it to age five. The little girl lived in a remote Siberian village, in the far east region called The Sakha Republic, with her father, mother, grandmother, and dog — her future hero.

Siberian Times

Like most kids her age, Karina was energized by a youthful curiosity, that urge to explore and know and understand. Which was why, in July 2014, she followed her father, Rodion, on an expedition into a part of the Siberian wilderness also known as the taiga.

Now this decision was problematic for a few different reasons. The first reason being that the taiga is very much an animal kingdom, dominated by bears, tigers, and wolves with really sharp teeth and an appetite for people.

The second problem with Karina’s decision was that she had not told her grandmother — the person charged with watching her at the time — that she would be following her dad into the bear-infested wilderness.

In fact, she hadn’t even told her dad that she would be following him. So literally no one on the planet knew that this four-year-old girl was diving headstrong into the most dangerous territory on the planet. No person, at least.

Karina did have a companion at her side: Naida, the family dog. That, evidently, was all the comfort the little girl needed, but it was little comfort to her mother, Talina, when she realized her little girl and the dog were both missing.

At first, Talina figured her youngster and the dog followed Rodion to his native village, but Siberia wasn’t exactly flooded with quality LTE, so she couldn’t pull out a cellphone and check. Instead she waited to hear from her husband.

In the meantime, Karina, followed her father until she somehow managed to lose his trail. Her dad disappeared from view leaving her very much stranded in Siberia with Naida. And the bears. And the wolves.

It took four days of waiting for mother Talina to learn that, no, her daughter was not with her husband in his home village. No stranger to Siberia, she understood this to be a very bad thing, so she alerted authorities.

Radio Free Europe

They deployed a 100-person rescue team to head out into Siberian wilds to find her. The team carried rifles to fend off bears (yeah, there were that many bears in the woods).

Siberian Times

Helicopters sliced the sky and rescue workers on foot combed through the trees and tall grass, but their search proved fruitless: Karina was nowhere to be seen. But then, nine days after she went missing, authorities found a clue.

Siberian Times

More specifically, a clue walked right up to the authorities and introduced herself. Naida returned to her home — but Karina was not with her! What should’ve been a hopeful moment only seemed to confirm Talina’s worst thoughts.

Huffington Post

“If she was to hug her puppy,” Talina said, “we thought, ‘this would have given her a chance to…survive.’ So when her dog came back we thought ‘that’s it.’ Even if she was alive — and chances were slim — now she would have definitely have lost all hope.”

Siberian Times

But Naida hadn’t just wandered absentmindedly home. She seemed eager to show the desperate family and the rescue crew something important. The dog headed the group of rescuers and led them into the wilderness…

Siberian Times

The dog led authorities to a spot in the wilderness, but none of them saw Karina there. Naida, it seemed, couldn’t find the exact area where she’d left the little girl! Authorities wondered if they were anywhere near her at all.

Siberian Times

But three days later — 12 days after Karina first went missing — rescue workers spotted a child-sized footprint on a river bed beside a dog’s paw print. The footprint revealed Karina was barefoot, a crucial detail for investigators.

This told rescue workers that Karina likely was not in the woods. Too many sharp sticks there would’ve been a nightmare on her feet. This narrowed their search down considerably, and the following morning, they executed that new search plan.

Siberian Times

And sure enough, just 20 meters from where they started searching, one rescue worker noticed a peculiar lump tucked away in a patch of tall grass. The whole crew rushed over.

Siberian Times

They found her nestled in the grass. She was starving, thirsty, exhausted, and covered in mosquito bites, but nevertheless alive. They brought her tea before carrying her to a car and whisking her away to the nearest hospital.

Siberian Times

The child spent some time in the hospital, but physicians determined there wouldn’t be any lasting damage. A psychologist examined her mental state and found, shockingly, her mind was in a good place. Talk about mental fortitude.

Siberian Times

So how did a four-year-old girl survive in the Siberian wilderness? The little girl told reporters and her family that she survived off wild berries and river water.

Then, of course, there was Naida, the lovable canine that gave her warmth at night and companionship in the daytime. The two reunited for the first time back at home when the hospital released Karina. The meeting did not go as expected.

When Karina first saw her dog, she looked her in the eyes and chided, “why did you leave me?” Those three days of solitude must’ve really affected the little girl. But eventually, she came to understand what the dog did for her.

Siberian Times

“It was Naida who rescued me,” Karina said sometime later. “I was really, really scared. But when we were going to sleep I hugged her, and together we were warm.”

Siberian Times

Karina’s story gripped everyone watching, and locals even erected a statue of the girl and her pooch to celebrate their strength and will to survive. Not bad for a four-year-old and her dog, huh?

Siberian Times

In the end, Karina made a full recovery, and by 2018, attended a ballet boarding school 350 miles away from the village she’d wandered away from all those years ago. Her teachers believed she had the talent to compete in Russia’s competitive ballet scene.

“When she just started her classes, Karina was very reserved,” a boarding school leader said. “She has changed so much and became a lot more open, sociable, friendly and independent. She made many friends who love her lots.”

Siberian Times

But even as she danced like an expert and earned friends with her exuberant personality, she would never forget the friend that made it all possible: Naida, the loyal canine.

Thanks to an abundance of technologies and other people, we can easily pinpoint our exact locations. In this day and age, it’s hard to get truly lost, though some places, like rural Siberia, are not-so WiFi-rich.

15 year old Svetlana Evai lived her entire life in the Gydan Peninsula, a frigid place in northern Siberia. Svetlana dreamed of a life outside of the continuous routine with her family.

Like many others, she and her family herded reindeer to make a living. Though not the most exciting profession, shepherding instilled Svetlana with deep confidence when it came to navigating Siberia’s rough terrain.


While she was stuck at home, Svetlana wished she were with her brother. He spent the summer at a different camp some distance away, presumably living it up and having all the fun Svetlana wasn’t allowed to have.

The Siberian Times

But of course, he wasn’t that far away — just four miles. Svetlana figured she could make that journey in no time at all and that whatever her brother was up to had to be more exciting than sitting around with her family and some reindeer.

Flickr / wowbagger0420

So Svetlana set off to visit her brother. She was traveling alone and without any kind of navigation aids, but she wasn’t worried. She knew the terrain like the back of her hand, so surely going a bit further wouldn’t pose a problem.

Yamal Peninsula Travel

Several hours passed, and Svetlana started to panic. She should have made it to her brother by now, and yet she stood in the middle of the wilderness, with no people or buildings in sight. She began to feel dizzy.

Flickr / Lady Fiszi

Meanwhile, her family back home grew concerned. Svetlana had never gone out alone for such a long time. Her Uncle Ivan, knowing that time was precious, organized a search party of family members and neighbors. They had to find her.

But Ivan understood the vast scope of the Siberian region. They could surmise the rough direction in which Svetlana had headed, but that knowledge only went so far: she could’ve gotten lost and switched to any other heading.

Gydan Nature Reserve

And that was precisely what had happened. After a rough night out on the tundra, Svetlana couldn’t make heads or tails of where she was. Before she could head back home, however, another issue pressed on her mind: survival.

Svetlana felt certain help was on the way, but realized it could be a while until anyone arrived. With a bit of luck, she located some cloudberries. They were half-frozen and unripe, but they were food.

Flickr / Eero Sarkkinen

As more time passed, Svetlana kept moving. She continuously looked over her shoulder, for she knew dangerous beasts lived out on the tundra. Arctic wolves would usually go after stray reindeer, but they would gladly accept a lost girl as their meal.

Flickr / Safi Kok

Night fell again and again. Although daytime temperatures could sometimes reach 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the night air dropped far below freezing. Svetlana shivered herself to sleep as she fought to stay alive.

Flickr / hpaich

Svetlana grew so weak that she could no longer walk. Nevertheless, the will to survive kept her going. Praying that some help would arrive soon, she began to crawl on her hands and knees. She didn’t have much time left.

Her Uncle Ivan continued the search, but there wasn’t any trace of Svetlana, who went missing over two weeks before. He had spotted some brown bears, though. Could a bear have hunted her down and dragged her off to its den?

Flickr / John Solaro

Dismayed, Ivan walked around an area just seven miles from their home. Then, without warning, he spotted a figure on the horizon. It ambled toward him. Without thinking, he ran towards the shape and hoped for a miracle.

Flickr / Brendan Ó Sé

It was Svetlana! Though her body was battered and bruised and she was emotionally spent, somehow, she stayed alive. Ivan resisted the urge to scold her for acting so foolishly and arranged for a physician to examine his niece.

The Siberian Times

Living in such a remote part of the Gydan Peninsula, Svetlana did not have access to a full medical staff in the immediate vicinity of her home. A helicopter arrived to carry her to a hospital. Once aboard, she shared her incredible story.

The Mirror

Nobody could quite believe how Svetlana scraped together the bare essentials out in the wilderness. Though still just a girl, she managed to evade the tundra’s many hazards while knowing how to take advantage of its biggest asset: plenty of fresh water.

The Siberian Times

Amazingly, Svetlana seemed pretty healthy. Though she had no shelter and barely any food over the course of two weeks, her vitals were pretty steady. Doctors found no sign that her life was in danger.

But just as a precaution, Svetlana’s family kept her in the hospital in Tazovsky to fully recuperate. They gave thanks that she survived such an ordeal and hoped that after her harrowing adventure, Svetlana wouldn’t mind spending time at home again.

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