25 Dumb Dogs Who Just Can’t Seem To Do Anything Right No Matter How Hard They Try

As legends tell us, ’twas curiosity that killed the cat. However, apparently the same can be said for dogs! Naturally inquisitive creatures, dogs have been known to investigate everything they encounter—no matter the consequence!

For lack of better judgement, when dogs decide to explore their surroundings, the results are often hilarious. When that happens, though, their owners need to be ready to grab a camera and snap a photo.

Just look at these silly dogs who’ve found themselves in some precarious situations courtesy of that instinct for investigating. You’ll be on the floor laughing in no time…

1. This pup looks like all he wanted to do was to help his owner get ready, but he probably didn’t expect a hanger to turn into a booby trap! Hold still, doggo! Your human only has to try on another 15 dresses before she can get you out of your predicament. She won’t leave you hanging!

2. Perhaps, it’s the dog owner and not the dog who needs a hard lesson in how fetch is played. Clearly, a potato is superior to a ball, right? It’s a toy that you can fetch and you can eat! If nothing else, now you know your pooch can help with the groceries.

3. It’s important that your dog learns to stay out of the garbage, since there can be plenty of harmful foods inside. For this pup, though, it’s not the contents of the garbage but the actual trash can itself that caused trouble.

4. “No one shall pass the invisible door until I open it to thee!” This must come in handy at dinner time when this woman is cooking. She can keep the door open for ventilation and stop her dog from begging for food.

5. This is what happens when you teach your dog to fetch sticks, apparently. They’ll inevitably end up in a situation just like this one! “Can someone please help me get in? You’re not going to believe what I just found!”

6. Either this black Labrador actually enjoys the cozier bed, or the chihuahua sure is one intimidating, high-maintenance little pup! Clearly, the little one has convinced him that this is the appropriate sleeping arrangement.

7. This adorable bull dog definitely thought he was onto something when he decided to go through the doggy door first, and then return for the bone. Whoops! Dogs and spacial reasoning are obviously not friends.

8. Playing on your backyard slide is a great way to celebrate the summer. Someone should probably tell this dog that you’re supposed to go down them, though, not up. They’re called slides for a reason.

9. This dog is probably thinking, “This is what I get for asking to come shopping with my owner. I think I’ll stay home next time and get into the treats they left on the counter. Yeah, that’s definitely a much better idea than this.”

10. Dogs love making things harder than they have to be. “Hmm, if only there was a more simple way to get this soccer ball off of this chair. There’s certainly no way that I could just walk around to the other side and roll it right off the cushion.”

11. This dog must’ve really wanted a snack. “You said there were some chips left, but all I’m seeing is crumbs! You better pick up another bag when you go to the store next time, Greg! Didn’t anyone ever teach you to share?”

12. This cute pup definitely looks like he knows he messed up big time. That’s what happens when you try to get into your owner’s tomato garden, bud. You have to wait until they’re picked. It’s much easier to grab them off the kitchen counter.

13. “Are you really just going to stand there and take my photograph? Okay, fine, I see how it is. You definitely won’t be laughing when it’s you who’s stuck in the grocery bag next time, buddy.”

14. Hey, everyone makes mistakes from time to time, but rarely does it mean that you’ll end up like this. Unless she’s making a bold new fashion statement, she probably wishes she’d thought twice before putting her head in a cup.

15. Does anyone wonder if there’s a disconnect between senior dogs and millennial dogs? “I don’t understand why all of your toys and gadgets have to be so dang complicated. Can’t you just be a normal dog and play with a bone?”

16. Ever since dogs first graced the Earth, they’ve chased their tails. Take a look! This amazing contortionist pooch finally solved the code. All it took was learning a few moves from Cirque du Soleil.

17. This innocent puppy just wanted to taste the rainbow, but unfortunately for her, they don’t make Skittles for dogs. No dice on Lucky Charms, either. You’re just going to have to stick to eating your regular kibbles and bits, doggo!

18. This adorable little puppy looks so helpless trying to squeeze into the sleeve of his owner’s sweatshirt. On second thought, that looks kind of cozy. Did this guy just invent the Dog Snuggie?

19. This black Labrador loves to watch his favorite television show. The only problem is that he doesn’t know how to turn on the TV. It’s a tragic issue for dogs all over the world that needs to be addressed.

20. Dogs have a way of finding the coziest spots. There’s just something in their DNA that allows them to make comfy little nooks out of any place in your home. Maybe that curiosity comes in handy sometimes, but right now, it seems like she needs a little help!

21. Someone needs to teach this adorable pooch that you’re supposed to lie on the bed, not next to it! He’s going to have an aching neck when he wakes up in the morning. Then again, he seems to know what he’s doing.

22. These are the eyes of a dog who is in the midst of a really great time. Sure, she looks a little zany, but has anyone else tried getting stuck under the couch? No? Well, this puppy would argue that it’s a great time.

23. This is what happens when you watch The Shawshank Redemption with your dog. Except that was a movie, and actually escaping is much harder than they make it seem. Next time, try jumping over the fence!

24. This pooch looks like she knows just how bad she messed up by being too aggressive with her favorite toy. “Can you please help me? Come on, give a dog a bone. I’m stuck. I’ll be much more gentle next time, I promise.”

25. Apparently dogs are working in offices now. This pooch looks like he’s had a hard day and the last thing he needs is your tone. Try asking again nicely, and see if he helps you find what you need.

Well, these dogs all learned a hard lesson in being careful! Let’s hope they don’t make the same mistake twice.

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