32 House Cats Who Are Absolutely Certain They’re King Of The Jungle

When you think of your pet cat, you probably don’t picture a fierce hunter with a keen eye and a natural killer’s instincts. But however they might behave now, our domesticated felines are all descended from fierce jungle cats.

That’s right: your fluffy baby was once the veritable king of the jungle! While those days might be long gone, even the most docile of house cats has held on to some wild primitive instincts she inherited from her powerful ancient cousins.

1. When you’re a homeowner, you need to take lots of precautions to make sure that your house’s exterior is protected from things like water damage and insidious climbing vines. However, few are warned about the perils of hanging cats…


2. There are two kids of cats in the world: those who prefer being as close to the ground as possible, and those who enjoy nothing more than to leap on your head and make you scream. Guess which one this sneaky guy is?


3. Cats are known for their ability to hone in on their prey. Isn’t it crazy how even the smallest house cat seems to transform into a mighty lion before your eyes when she spots something that fascinates her?


4. Scottish Fold cats (like the fluffy guy pictured below) are usually known as mellow, sweet-faced lap cats. Clearly this Scottish Fold never got the memo, for lo, he fancies himself as fierce as any lion in the jungle!


5. Meanwhile, this little kitten can’t quite decide whether he is a member of the feline family or if he is a monkey. Sure, the claws are helping him “hang in there” but you’ve got to admit there’s some monkey power to that swing!


6. “Be vewwy, vewwy quiet. I’m hunting birdie-birds!” This cat has killer hunting instincts that can’t be denied, but his choice to hide behind something so puny might not be the best decision. Still, this kitty gets bonus points for effort.


7. This pigeon is just merrily walking along and minding his own business. Little does he know that a cruel, cruel fate is lurking just around the corner. Thankfully, “fate” might be sneaky, but he doesn’t have wings!


8. Trees: they are perfect for hiding… or making every single person who notices you collapse in a fainting spell at the sight of your sheer adorable nature. This little kitty thinks she’s super fierce. Everyone else just thinks she’s fiercely adorable.


9. Who knew that the latest trend in footwear was a terrifying black ball of fur with glowing yellow eyes? Rocking new fashions is fine, but sliding your feet inside these “shoes” just might spell disaster.


10. Have you ever seen an animal look more proud of itself for “catching” a human? Sure, his owner probably made it easy for him to sneak up on her, but that doesn’t mean she’ll admit it and hurt his pride!


11. “Move along, folks, there’s nothing to see here! Definitely not a cat lurking in a house plant desperate to attack your ankles as you pass while pretending they are large, naked mice. Who would ever do such a thing? Not me!”


12. Some cats like to prove their toughness by climbing to the top of the tallest tree in the forest. However, for those more domesticated kitties, getting to the top of the tallest fence post works just as well. Almost.


13. Either this cat just got the scare of his lifetime, or he’s auditioning for the next film in the Batman franchise. That said, it should be noted that the Dark Knight has never clung to the living room curtains while saving the mean streets of Gotham.


14. Either these pigeons were born without a sense of fear, or they are more than used to this little cat thinking that the gutter makes the “purrfect” hiding spot. It probably worked wonders… the first time she figured it out!


15. This cat just learned how to slide down the balcony. He had so much fun doing it that he decided to try and see if he could slide up the banister the second time around. Sadly, no dice for this little feline—he’ll have to take the stairs like everyone else.


16. This trio of cats might usually dine on Fancy Feast from a can, but you would never know it seeing them hunched down and observing from over the top of this ledge. In their minds, they’re the kings of the jungle!


17. Some cats are naturally gifted when it comes to skills like climbing, but others… well, not so much. This little kitty was so excited at the prospect of getting up this tree that it didn’t occur to her that she had no idea what she was doing until it was too late! Whoops.


18. Remember when you were little your mother always warned you not to go walking down strange alleys in case you ran into dangerous people? It’s funny that she never mentioned dangerous cats. This one looks like he’s about to try to sell you a watch.


19. There is absolutely nothing stopping these cats from channeling their primitive instincts and leaping upon those pigeons. However, both the cats and the pigeons seem to know the whole “birds having wings” thing gives the avian team an advantage.


20. Hell hath no fury like a kitten awoken from a nap prematurely. Oh, sure, he might usually be all full of purrs and cuddles, but wake him up before he is ready and a price will most certainly be paid.


21. Human beings and cats share a very special bond. However, that is about all they share. Take, for example, being good at playing hide-and-seek. Human beings are pretty darn good at it! Cats? Not so much.


22. This kitty may be living in a world full of giant boxes and hiding spots, but his hunting instincts leave much to be desired. The first rule of hiding? Actually try not to be seen, little kitten. Oy.


23. For some people, filling a decorative urn or vase with lush flowers is the perfect way to keep their home looking well-decorated and fresh. For others, filling a decorative urn or vase with plenty of adorable kittens is the way to go.


24. One of these kittens could care less about channeling their innermost hunter. He’s happy to just hang out in the grass with his mother. However, his big sister is already accessing her inner lioness and on the hunt for the next tasty snack. Watch out!


25. Sometimes cats just want to play with doors. They’ll hide behind them and stretch their paws underneath to bat at people’s feet. They like to sneak up and leap out from behind the door, too. This cat decided to spice things up and surprise his owners from above. It didn’t exactly work out the way he had planned, however.


26. How long do you think it took for this owner to notice that he had a friend stalking him while he busied himself using the toilet? It’s a good thing he was already sitting down, because this is enough to scare the poop out of anyone!


27. Don’t you dare try to come between this cat and his much beloved… uh… back-scratcher? Some cats use their hunting instincts to help them rid the house of vermin, while others, like this little guy, have more peculiar prey.


28. In this house, nothing is safe from the cat’s curious nibbling! Not even plastic toys with suction cups like the one stuck to this window. Man, if this is how he behaves with inanimate objects, imagine how he is with the animate ones!


29. If this cat was a supervillain he would be known as Brown Bag. He wouldn’t have any weapons (other than his claws), of course, but he would have a great catchphrase to throw your way: “Hey, Cat-Man—paper or plastic? Muahaha!”


30. You were worried that buying the heated towel rack was an indulgence you didn’t need, but that was before you realized its second use: a heated perching place for your goofy kitty.


31. You thought that sitting down to watch a horror movie with your spouse was a fine idea since the kids were in bed for the night. You had no idea that your other baby (of the furry variety) was still awake and rapidly developing a fear of ghosts…


32. Hiding: you’re doing it wrong! While the toy car may look nice and sleek and like the perfect getaway vehicle, it is, in fact, still a toy. Whatever this cat is hunting is absolutely not in for a surprise, because it can see him clearly.


33. This is a prime example of why having two cats and a papier-mâché room divider may not be the most cost-effective idea. The good thing is papier-mâché won’t set you back nearly as much as glass.

34. An unexpected visitor just showed up to this woman’s yoga session, and he was not pleased. She may be performing the down-dog position, but this cat came in hot with his cat-attack pose! Me-ouch!

35. Take a look at this sinister little plan. Maybe this is payback for something his owner did, or maybe he just has a wicked sense of humor? Let’s hope the person who owns those shoes checks them before putting them on!

36. Looks like it’s time to invest in a new shower curtain! This little guy thought he could put some of his interior decorating skills to work. He obviously adheres to the “less is more” mindset.

37. Someone needs to let this cat know it’s chickens that need to keep their eggs warm after they’re laid. Maybe he’s hoping one hatches so he has a new little buddy to play with around the house?

38. This cat couldn’t care less that she just plopped right down on top of so many hours of hard work and concentration. It’s far more important she receives her nightly back rub, of course! They wouldn’t have finished the puzzle that night anyway…

39. What could possibly be hiding at the bottom of this vase that has this cat so intrigued? Maybe it’s nothing at all, and he’s just trying to help his owner tend to their kitchen decor the only way he knows how: take a deep dive in and see what he can find.

40. This cat looks like she just realized she’ll be getting a big lump of coal in her stocking for Christmas this year because of her naughty behavior. Looks like not everyone is cheerful around the holiday season!

41. This was the result of an epic bathroom showdown between this cat and a roll of toilet paper. As you can see, the cat didn’t hold back, and he proudly displayed the end the result of his victory!

42. So here’s the culprit who’s been sneaking out every night and leaving the door open. This mischievous little kitty was caught red-handed while making an escape attempt. Time to install a deadbolt!

43. Uh-oh! Someone’s having a rather “crumby” day. This cat wanted to make sure when his owner got home from a long day’s work they still had a little more to do before they could kick back and relax!

44. “Is anyone home? Guys?” Clearly no one was paying attention to this little climber while he was standing patiently on the ground, so he hoped jumping up to eye level would produce a better result!

45. This cat is one heck of a daredevil! She could be a stuntwoman for action movies with moves like that. Maybe she could be a stunt double on the set of the new movie, The Cats and the Curious!

46. This little fella somehow found a secret entrance that led inside the wall. Luckily there was a hole just big enough for him to pop his head through and give his owners a big surprise. “It’s me!”

47. It would take nerves of steel and uncanny balance to perch yourself on top of a satellite dish, and this kitty clearly has both of those things in spades. Maybe this will help her homeowner access that new Cat Planet channel…

48. There’s nothing quite like a bed made of hot cheese and marinara sauce. Hopefully the people who bought the pizza don’t mind having an extra seasoning on their leftovers: cat hair and dander!

49. This funny feline either knows how to levitate and floated his way onto the light shade, or he somehow scaled a completely vertical door and jumped from the top. Now that he made it to his destination, he looks like he regrets his decision.

50. This dinner table was all set for company, but one member of the family needed to make sure they got the best seat in the house: smack dab in the middle of the table! Who needs bread in the bread basket when you have this guy to keep you company?

51. “Hey, I showed up because I heard there’d be a mouse somewhere? Were you lying to me?” This cat’s not happy he was mislead about the mouse, so he’s taking away Internet privileges for the night.

52. On a sweltering summer day, you want to make sure your air conditioning vents are free of any blockages so you can enjoy the cool breeze. However, if you have this kitty roaming your home, he’s going to happily hog as much AC as he can.

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