Three Men Who Dragged A Police Officer Into The Forest To Murder Him Didn’t Count On His Partner

When Deputy Todd Frazier of Long Beach, Mississippi, pulled over to check on a suspicious vehicle with its lights off and a driver in the front seat who appeared to be passed out, he figured it would be a routine stop.

It turned out to be anything but. As he approached the driver's side window, two men suddenly attacked him. Together, the assailants pulled Frazier into the nearby woods.

What these men didn't realize was his partner was nearby... and he was about to get revenge.

Deputy Todd Frazier, an officer in Long Beach, Mississippi, recently stopped his cruiser to check on a suspicious vehicle parked on the side of the road. In addition to having its lights off, there appeared to be someone passed out in the front seat.
The deputy figured it would be just a routine stop; he'd likely have to issue a ticket, then he'd be on his way. He'd only just stepped out of his police cruiser and approached the driver's side window when two other men suddenly appeared.
The man "passed out" in the front of the stopped vehicle abruptly emerged from the car, and along with the other two men, they attacked Deputy Frazier. As they pulled him into the woods, they had no idea the officer's partner was about to get revenge...
The men dragged Deputy Frazier into the woods, not realizing that he'd instinctively opened the back door to his cruiser using the button on his keychain. In the cruiser was his K-9 partner, Lucas, who promptly took action.