48 Perfect Hacks For Living With Dogs That Will Make You The Coolest Pet Owner Around

Anyone who’s ever owned a dog knows that they’re more than just pets. With their loyal, loving nature and happy-go-lucky attitudes, they quickly become a part of the family. So naturally, we want to make their lives as awesome as possible—whether they’re stuck wearing the infamous cone of death or they need a hand playing fetch.

Check out some of our favorite hacks and DIY ideas for our four-legged best friends. These creative owners obviously know how to show their dogs some love!

1. This guy’s dog “has short legs and he’s old,” so he fashioned some cushy ramps for around the house.

creative-dog-owners1-Imgur-turboloadstoneImgur – turboloadstone

2. After a woman’s dog went blind, her fiancé built him this “Bumper Buddy” so he wouldn’t hurt himself.

creative-dog-owners2-YouTube-ZepharisYouTube – Zepharis

3. Rather than be sad, this dog’s owner makes sure Phoebe’s love of tennis balls lives on. Rest in peace, Phoebe!

creative-dog-owners3-Reddit-jerrrrryyyyyReddit – jerrrrryyyyy

4. The New York subway system bans canines unless they can fit in a small bag, so *technically* these guys are following the rules…

creative-dog-owners4-Reddit-strangetitssReddit – strangetitss

5. A neighbor 3D-printed a walker for his crippled little buddy.

creative-dog-owners5-Imgur-KANNABULLImgur – KANNABULL

6. 80-year-old man’s homemade dog train takes rescued strays out for rides.


7. Messy puppies? Problem solved!

creative-dog-owners7-Facebook-Diana-DimovaFacebook – Diana Dimova

8. This guy invented the perfect machine so his dog can play fetch… all day long.

creative-dog-owners8-YouTube-IamgngoYouTube – Iamgngo

9. Would you believe there’s a crazy new app that helps you take the perfect photo of your dog? (It works!)

creative-dog-owners9-Reddit-PamidorReddit – Pamidor

10. Who needs a grease monkey when you have a grease doggy?

creative-dog-owners10Reddit –

11. For the high-tech dogs in your life…

creative-dog-owners11-Imgur-AliceWrImgur – AliceWr

12. This Redditor says: “Just moved in to the new house. I got to meet the neighbor dogs on my afternoon walk.” Oh, hello!

creative-dog-owners12-Reddit-dath0916Reddit – dath0916

13. Finally! Here’s how to share the bed with your dog without having to give up the covers:

creative-dog-owners13-ColchaoInteligente1Facebook – Colchão Inteligente Postural

14. Found this hunting dog. I guess he isn’t lost.

Imgur – nerdburg

15. Rufus sure has some epic adventures when he dreams!

creative-dog-owners15-raisingtheruf.com-sara-rehnmarkRaisingTheRuf.com – Sara Rehnmark

16. Rain, rain, go away…

creative-dog-owners16-facebook-I-Love-SchnauzersFacebook.com – I Love Schnauzers

17. Cutest cone of shame idea ever.

creative-dog-owners17-tumblr-plumkatTumblr – plumkat

18. All you need is an old sweatshirt and a cuddly dog for this DIY pet bed project.


19. Now Fido can keep tabs on the neighborhood.


20. This is one way to make a dog’s day on his birthday!

creative-dog-owners20-YouTube-MaymoYouTube – Maymo

21. 101 Dahliamations? Says this Redditor: “My friend owns a floral store and made these puppy baskets for a dog rescue fundraiser.” Aw!

creative-dog-owners21-Reddit-dropstopReddit – dropstop

22. This Redditor says: “My friend’s dog after pooping on the carpet again…” At least they’re having fun.

creative-dog-owners22-Reddit-VR-MissionsReddit – VR-Missions

23. Alan the Dog kept putting his head through the wall.

creative-dog-owners23-Imgur-AlanTheDogImgur – AlanTheDog

24. The best doggone desktop we ever did see!


25. Try this ice block for those dog days of summer.


26. This Redditor’s dog has been missing an ear since he was a newborn, so it was time to get creative on Howl-o-ween.

creative-dog-owners26-reddit-nathanReddit – nathan

27. Meet the mighty Thorgi and friends!

creative-dog-owners27-reddit-GameMeetsGirlReddit – GameMeetsGirl

28. A 22-year-old man built a wheelchair for his girlfriend’s Pomeranian mix, Benny, after the dog suddenly stopped walking and surgery costs were too high. Benny looks so fly with his new wheels!

creative-dog-owners28-los-angeles-cbslocalCBS Los Angeles

29. Too hot? Try this homemade air-conditioned dog bed. Says Redditor doghaircrasher: “My blonde lab is 13 years old and digs up my flower bed to get to the cool dirt on hot days. She makes a huge mess of things. So I built this air conditioned bed for her to lay on.”

creative-dog-owners29-imgur-doghaircrasherImgur – doghaircrasher

30. Keep your itty bitty puppies cozy with just one sock!


31. When life gives you lemons olives…


32. Cone of joy!

creative-dog-owners32-straydog1980Reddit – straydog1980

33. For doggies with happy tails…


34. How brilliant is this idea?


35. No more begging for treats with this homemade doggy feeder!


36. Now Fido can be a part of the prehistoric action…

creative-dog-owners36-Reddit-jchangartReddit – jchangart

37. Luke Dogwalker has a very bad feeling about this.

creative-dog-owners37-Imgur-TerminalV3locityImgur – TerminalV3locity

38. Turn an old suitcase into a custom doggy bed.


39. Hatching an egg in Pokémon Go, but tired of walking? Just strap this bad boy on your pooch and let him follow you around the house.

creative-dog-owners39-reddit-your004momReddit – your004mom

40. If your dog crate takes up too much space, try this décor idea:


41. John Frieda himself couldn’t create a better work of art.

creative-dog-owners41-Ayelet-BarAyelet Bar

42. Easy DIY PJs out of tank tops = win!

creative-dog-owners42-Carmen MarinasCarmen Marinas

43. Need to upgrade your pooch’s style in three seconds? Turn her into a superstar with this easy fix…


44. One of the benefits to having all your toys strewn about is that you’re totally ready to share with any new friends who walk by.


45. Here’s one bright idea when it’s Halloween and your dog needs to wear a cone…

creative-dog-owners45-Sophia-PereiraSophia Pereira

46. This owner’s sleepytime setup looks comfy, but we’re still kinda weirded out that her dog sleeps with her eyes open.

creative-dog-owners46-Laura-BergalloLaura Bergallo

47. Taking dog beds to a whole new level…

creative-dog-owners47-Igor-GrigoryevIgor Grigoryev

48. These pups sure have it made.

creative-dog-owners48-Daniel-Rodriguez-CastroDaniel Rodriguez Castro

Would you try any of these ideas for your pooch? I can’t wait to give them a go!

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