Dog Owner Leaves Note On Neighbor’s Door And Gets Heartwarming Response

When it comes to being a parent, there are two ways to approach your young ones’ burgeoning desire for romance. You can try to snuff it out, or you can embrace it and help them find their true love.

It is easy to be critical of the choices our kids make when it comes to love. We want the best for them, and not just any passing Tom, Dick, or Harry is going to do. This isn’t true of just parents with human babies, it’s just of parents with fur babies, too!

Recently, two neighbors discovered that their pets were developing something of a relationship right under their noses. But instead of keeping them apart, they decided to make an amazing romantic gesture for the two lovebirds.

For months, one neighbor noticed his dog looking longingly out the window at the neighbor’s cat, who sat in a window close by. Although cats and dogs are supposed to hate each other, these two were simply captivated. 


But one day, the cat’s owner put a bunch of house plants in the window, blocking the dog’s view. While the cat could still make out some vague details, it was almost impossible for either creature to gaze at each in other in the manner to which they had become accustomed. 


When the dog’s owner noticed that her dog was missing her special long distance feline love, she knew that she had to do something. She took a real risk and left the dog’s owner and her neighbor this touching note.


Most people would find a request like this a little strange, if not totally out of line. But this is how they responded! See? Cat people and dog people aren’t that different after all! It’s true what they say love really does conquer all!


This cat and dog aren’t the only couple of cat and dog lovebirds out there! You don’t have to look very far on the Internet to find examples of true love and true friendship blossoming between cats and dogs everywhere. 

dog and cat Dog Vacay

This cat and her golden retriever best friend are basically inseparable. They spend the days together napping and hanging out. They are even content to pose with each other for their owner’s occasional photoshoots. dog and catDog Vacay

Every kitten needs a role model to look up to as they grow, and that role model doesn’t have to be an older cat. Take this pup and the kitten she is so patiently raising. Frisky kittens and patient older dogs are a match made in cat Dog Vacay

For this Siamese mix kitty, one puppy to love wasn’t nearly enough! Two dogs to cuddle with — now, that’s twice as nice to be sure! Look at how happy this kitty is to have made herself the center of the world’s more adorable sandwich. funny_cat_and_dog_best_friend_10071Dog Vacay

This dog in Japan performs with his owner on the streets almost every day. His best friend? A lovable stray cat who cannot wait to go up to this dog and meow an eager “hello” every time his bespectacled buddy hits the scene. 

dog and cat 1 Dog Vacay

How nice of that person to go out of their way just so these two animals can continue with their romance, and how charming were these other dog and kitty love stories?

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