40 Dog And Cat Breeds That Are Perfect For Senior Citizens

As we know, there are both upsides and downsides to getting older. It’s something we’ve all got to prepare for. But we don’t have to face it alone. You see, certain types of cats and dogs are more than capable of coming along for the ride. And these 40 breeds in particular can’t be beaten!

40. Chartreux

Chartreux cats are absolutely beautiful. Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up with one of these guys on the sofa? That being said, though, they’re particularly ideal for older people. Why? Well, this breed is equal-parts lively and restrained. In other words, they shouldn’t get too excitable roaming around the house.

39. Miniature Schnauzer

From their size to their weight, senior citizens won’t have many problems handling Miniature Schnauzer dogs. But arguably, the canines’ behavior is what really seals the deal here. Unlike certain breeds, these guys are known for their obedience. So you don’t have to worry about them breaking the rules at home. Plus, they’re very affable, too. A nice bonus!

38. Manx

Not all cat breeds come across as the most loving of creatures. It’s just their nature, so don’t take it personally! Yet Manx felines are the complete opposite of that. As per Newsweek, they’re really tender animals and usually form tight-knit relationships with their owners. That could do wonders for an older person.

37. French Bulldog

There’s just something about French Bulldogs that brings a smile to our faces. Few other breeds can match their upbeat demeanor. Mind you, that’s not the only reason why seniors should consider bringing one of these dogs home. For instance, while they’re quite energetic, a good walk each day will be enough to keep them relaxed indoors.