Family Dog Disappears, Turns Up 7 Years Later With A Strange Companion

The Montez Family never considered the worst-case scenarios when they adopted a little terrier named Corky. For them, any visions of the pup’s future were happy and simple: tail wags, love, and afternoon walks.

So they were devastated in 2009 when their beloved dog ran away! They thought they would never see their friend again, until a phone call years later suggested Corky might still be out there, living with a really strange companion.

The Montez family couldn’t imagine life in Kansas without their wiry, scrappy eight-pound terrier, Corky, who they adopted from a shelter in 2009. The pup, who has one ear that sticks up while the other points down, made their house a home.

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“We had been married six years with two kids so we were ready for a dog,” Kim Montez told The Kansas City Star. “We picked out Corky almost the minute we walked in.” It felt as though the Montezes were supposed to meet little Corky.

Kim Montez, her husband Jimmy, and their kids gave the pup loads of love, and he returned the favor. So they were heartbroken when he managed to escape later that same year! They weren’t even sure how it happened.

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The Montezes would let Corky out in their fenced-off backyard to run around and stretch his legs, as many pet owners do. But somehow, Corky managed to escape… despite the fact that there was no opening in the enclosure.

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“One evening he was just gone. He had a collar on, and we didn’t find anywhere in the yard where he had dug out,” Kim Montez told The Kansas City Star. It was all too strange, but the Montezes were more so distracted by their sorrow.

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And that sorrow lasted about six months, as that’s how long the family diligently searched the rural neighborhood for their missing pooch. After searching high and low and begging neighbors to keep their eyes peeled, still no Corky.

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“We thought maybe someone had taken him. Or he had gotten out somehow, and he was hit and killed by a vehicle, but that was something we didn’t tell the kids,” Kim explained.

They just hoped and prayed Corky would miraculously show up, but came to the realization that they’d likely never see him again. Life had to go on. Their little beige dog would live on in their memories.

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The Montez family moved to Fort Worth in 2011 and finally decided to adopt a new dog, Nina, in 2013. But changes kept coming; by 2015 Kim and Jimmy had two more children and adopted yet another pooch, this time a French bulldog named Duke.

Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times

Their family was seemingly complete, but ever since Corky went missing, it always felt like there was a hole in the Montez clan. “We never forgot about Corky. If he was alive, we hoped he was okay,” Kim said.


But then the Montezes received a phone call from the Humane Society of North Texas claiming they had Corky. Seven years had passed since they saw the terrier, so the Montezes figured the news was too good to be true.


But since the Montezes were smart enough to microchip Corky at the time of his adoption, it likely was him. Kim, Jimmy, and their four kids ran to the car and zoomed straight to the shelter. They were going to get their fur baby back!

“What a wonderful way to wake up on Saturday morning. We never knew what had happened to him. We still had pictures of him in the house, but we never expected that call,” Kim said, clearly ecstatic.

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“We saw him and said, ‘That’s him,’ He recognized us,” Kim explained. But the shelter had something to tell the Montez family, as it didn’t seem like Corky would be willing to come back home alone. See, he made a new friend while living out on the streets.


The Humane Society told the Montezes about Corky’s journey roaming the streets of Fort Worth, as that’s where he and another terrier named Captain were found together, both dehydrated and malnourished.

Khampha Bouaphanh / The Kansas City Star

Captain, a smaller terrier with coarse, silvery fur, had his left eye surgically removed. Together, the duo boasted eight legs and three eyes! Corky and Captain’s bond was unbreakable, so the Montez family members did what they had to do. “We adopted him, too,” Kim confessed.

Khampha Bouaphanh / The Kansas City Star

“It looks like Corky really took care of Captain when they were out in the streets. He always lets Captain eat first, and he’ll even stand guard to make sure none of our other dogs bother him,” Jimmy told ABC News. As of 2016 the couple has four dogs and four kids!

Khampha Bouaphanh / The Kansas City Star

After being re-adopted, Corky got specifically attached to then 12-year-old Mason Montez; the interspecies pals must’ve missed each other dearly. “For a family to be reunited with a lost pet after [so many] years is incredible. It is quite rare,” said Phil Gonzalez, a spokesman for the Humane Society.


“What a blessed day it was. We have so much love to share,” Kim said. Everything finally felt complete, as if the Montezes were waiting for this moment all along. Perhaps the hole in their family unit had to be filled by both Corky and Captain.

Humane Society of North Texas

The story of Corky, little Captain, and the Montezes is one laced with happiness, and perhaps miracles. But domesticated animals are wiser and more resilient than you’d think, as this story isn’t the first of its kind.


An Odessa, Texas, woman named Christina and her fiancé, Vincent, both always understood that their ideal family would involve two little pets who could grow up together and keep each other company.

So, after visiting several animal shelters around their hometown, they settled on an adorable Tamaskan puppy they named Raven. They just couldn’t resist her little face!

It didn’t take long for Raven to warm up to her new life with Christina and Vincent. The couple knew they made the perfect decision when they brought her into their home. But there was one little problem…

Raven was so full of energy and always wanted to play! As happy as Christina and Vincent were to keep their new pooch entertained, they knew she really needed a sibling to keep her better occupied.

So, with the pup in tow, Christina and Vincent headed back to the shelter to look for a feline friend for Raven. “I had always wanted a dog and a cat to grow up together. It’s been like a life goal,” Christina said.

After introducing her to a few kittens, the shelter workers brought out one last little guy. Immediately, the connection was apparent. By the end of the day, papers were signed, and the family had welcomed Woodhouse the kitten into their home!

“I wanted them to be able to get along well. [I wanted] her to actually meet the cat and have the cat get along with the dog as well,” Christina explained.

Christina couldn’t believe how quickly her new furry children were getting along. “At one point Raven grabbed one of her peanut butter rawhides and held it for Woodhouse to lick,” Christina said proudly.

Furthermore, it was like Raven and Woodhouse were incapable of growing tired of one another. They snuggled in the morning, hung out at the park during the day, and cuddled before bedtime.

Even though Raven was the bigger, more dominant sibling, she didn’t mind letting little Woodhouse boss her around. Turns out you don’t have to be a dog to be the top dog!

Both animals loved joining their owners on long car trips, too. What was one of their favorite places to visit, you might ask?

It was the beach! You’d think a cat wouldn’t be too fond of the ocean seeing as they tend to avoid water, but Woodhouse was different. Once he stepped out of the car and hit the shore he was hooked!

Christina and Vincent always made sure to celebrate every holiday with Woodhouse and Raven. Look at the patriotic outfits the animals were sporting on the Fourth of July!

One year, the buddies even celebrated their birthdays together. What’s that delectable treat Woodhouse and Raven were eagerly waiting to devour? Peanut butter hot dog cake, of course!

Every picture Christina and Vincent was made infinitely better by the presence of their two pets. The couple might have decided to hold off on having actual children, but these four still make for one cute family!

No matter how you look at it, one thing was clear: Woodhouse and Raven make a great pair. Despite their obvious differences, they get along swimmingly, and it seems like Christina and Vincent loved that about them the most!

See the way they hang out like it’s meant to be? That’s exactly what Vincent and Christina were obviously hoping for when they decided to start a family in the first place…

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