Family In A Funeral Procession Notices A Dog Running Along Behind Them

Throughout nearly every culture on Earth, there are very specific rules and traditions that dictate how a person should be buried and how their loved ones will mourn them. That said, we humans aren’t always the only ones left behind who want to pay our respects.

Nothing confirms this as much as what happened just the other week in Malaysia. While the family of an elderly woman were preparing to march to the cemetery so they could lay her body to rest, they noticed that an unexpected mourner had joined them.

It was the woman’s dog, Bobby, and he’d been following them for two miles.

Following the death of his great-grandmother, Leong Khai Wai and his family and friends planned a funeral that involved a procession to the cemetery. Two miles into their trip, however, they realized his great-grandmother’s dog, Bobby, was following them.

01-dog-follows-funeralLeong Khai Wai

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