Dog Groomer Opens Customers' Eyes To Issues They're Ignoring

When it comes to grooming our pets, not everyone realizes priming and preening comes at a cost. Groomers juggle the cleanliness, attractiveness, and health of their clients, who happen to be totally unpredictable animals. So even though they are dog lovers, their jobs come with Great Dane-sized challenges. One groomer from Copenhagen grew frustrated by pet parents hounding her about the cost of her services. Tired of explaining the intricacies of her job, she came up with a way to train her customers into understanding that a dog groomer isn't a hairdresser, and what she did made an impression customers wouldn't soon forget!

Pro groomer

Laura Gedgaudaite feels proud to have a job beautifying every dog breed around. Working as a groomer provides her with endless opportunities to scratch dog bellies and watch the heartbreaking sweetness of an anxious dog finally relaxing and wagging its tail. It also allowed her to see a side of animals that few pet lovers ever got a glimpse of.

Busy bee

On the pamperer's end of the dog grooming business, it's not always so relaxing. Ensuring the comfort and safety of the dog and themselves can be a complex, physically exhausting challenge.

Mounting complaints

After years of fielding complaints from customers over the cost of keeping their fur pals primped and polished, Laura had had enough. Despite her customer's obvious love for their dogs, they really didn't understand the realities of the grooming business.

Grooming versus hairdressing

Most often, Laura heard the comparison of grooming to hairdressing. People wanted to know why their basic trim in a barber shop cost less than their dog's fresh cut. So, she devised a clever way of training her customers to behave as well as their pups.