Dog Who Spots His Owner After Months Apart Can Barely Contain Himself

For most people, finally getting what you want can be a bit disorienting. Especially if it’s something you’ve longed for—but never expected to get—there can be a period of disbelief. Wait, did that just really happen? you’ll ask yourself. Only once you get over your shock can you finally enjoy it!

Of course, this sentiment isn’t felt by humans alone. One dog proved that animals hardly know what to do with themselves when they get what they want, too!

When this sweet pooch was brought to the airport, he had no idea why he was going there. When he finally figured it out and caught sight of his owner after two long months apart, though, he realized what was up… and then he had the funniest reaction.

Nobody likes spending too much time without their loved ones in their lives. That said, apparently absence makes the heart grow fonder. It’s only natural that we long to see our loved ones again and we miss them all the more for the time we’ve spent apart.

When you care deeply about someone, not seeing them for awhile often makes you realize how important they are to you. The idea is the longer you’ve been without them, the more intense this feeling gets.

The good thing about this phenomenon is that, if you’re lucky enough to finally see this person again, it’s an incredibly happy moment… and dogs, apparently, feel exactly the same way!

This sweet dog was brought to the airport to be reunited with his owner after two long months of separation. The dog, however, may not have understood exactly why he was in such a strange, crowded place, and it was plain to see by his confused glances around the airport.

At first, the pooch couldn’t have known what to expect. Luckily, though, dogs have an incredible sense of smell. Long before he and his owner actually locked eyes, he must have sensed him there!


When the dog finally did see his owner, however, he totally froze for a moment. It must have seemed completely unreal to him. Could this really be the human he loved? He had to make sure…


Things must have started to feel more real for the special pup, though, once the young man put his bag down. He definitely looked like he was getting ready to give the dog an enormous and heartfelt hug!

Sure enough, the dog realized that this was indeed the human who he had been waiting for (in what must have been an inordinately long period of time), and the pup jumped into his owner’s arms!

It’s extremely difficult not to find yourself becoming deeply emotional from seeing those two close friends reunite. Anybody who has ever had a dog, or even just a best friend in general, surely can relate.

With that in mind, you’re definitely not going to want to miss seeing this emotional reunion in its entirety! Don’t forget to make sure that your sound is turned on, because this dog’s joyous reaction might just bring a tear to your eye…

That pup couldn’t believe his eyes—his wildest dreams had just come true! What an adorable reaction.

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