Hikers Find This Poor Homeless Animal Living Deep Inside An Old Tree

You never know what you’re going to find when you venture into the woods. The dense vegetation contains all sorts of wildlife, and at any moment you could cross paths with a creature that’s dangerous, unpredictable, and completely unexpected.

After all, stories of terrible things happening to people in the wilderness are not hard to come by. That being said, wonderful things could happen, too!

Shirley Zindler was hiking with a friend through the woods of Sonoma County, California when she saw something that stopped her in her tracks. A unusual animal that was clearly distressed was darting around a large tree, and Shirley knew that she was the only one around who could save her…

Shirley Zindler was out hiking with a friend in Sonoma County, California when she spotted something peculiar by this hollowed-out tree. As if the unusual shape of the tree wasn’t weird enough, the animal she saw was even more strange!

dog-in-a-tree-2Facebook/Shirley Zindler

A small, sickly-looking dog had apparently made the tree her new home. The dog clearly didn’t trust Shirley and her companion, and as the women approached, she inched deeper into the tree trunk. Shocked, Shirley immediately called animal control, and soon two officers arrived.

dog-in-a-tree-1Facebook/Shirley Zindler

It took some time, but the officers gently coaxed her out using a garden hose. The dog, whom Shirley named Boo, had apparently been left there by her former owner. Boo was clearly starving and wouldn’t have survived much longer if Shirley hadn’t found her. Unsurprisingly, she was unwilling to trust them at first. How would she ever recover from her ordeal? Well…

dog-in-a-tree-3Facebook/Shirley Zindler

Thankfully, all it took was a nice, warm bath and a lot of food for Boo to eventually warm up to her new friends! Boo was slowly but surely learning to trust people again, thanks to Shirley’s patience and kindness. Just look at her now!

dog-in-a-tree-4Facebook/Shirley Zindler

It’s hard to imagine how someone could just leave a dog in the middle of the woods to fend for herself. Thank goodness Shirley found Boo in time!

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