Dog Taking His Turn At The Pie-In-The-Face Game Is Absolutely Delightful

Family game night is a staple of American culture. It’s a time when everyone in the house can take a moment to let loose, forget about the real world, and act like kids for a while.

Sometimes, it can be so much fun that even your pets want to get involved. Usually this isn’t exactly feasible, however some games were just made for our pets to join in on playing.

When this family decided to play the hilarious Pie Face game, they were clearly having a fantastic time. That’s when their dog got the idea to join in on the fun. Look at the expression on his face as he waits patiently for a surprise!

For the DiMarco family, game night has become something of a tradition. Whether it’s a classic game like Monopoly or even something as simple as a round or two of charades, the entire family looks forward to coming together.

Everyone in the family gets in on the game… that is, everyone except for the family’s dog, Macky. While the rest of them are hooting and hollering and playing games, poor Macky has to just sit and watch! That doesn’t sound like very much fun.

That all changed when they brought a new game to the table for family game night: Pie Face! If you haven’t heard of this game, the premise is simple. Players spin the wheel and hope that they don’t get smacked with a pie in the face!

For the first time ever, Macky was invited to the table to play a game with the family. He couldn’t believe his good luck! He was so excited that there was no way he was going to turn this offer down or miss his chance to ever play again by misbehaving.

He couldn’t have been more excited, but he was also a little bit skeptical. Why on Earth had the family decided to give Macky a seat at the table, especially when there was a can of whipped cream so close by? It was enough to make any dog more than a little curious.

Can you blame him? If he was a person who could read he would’ve figured out pretty quickly what he was in for! However, while Macky started off skeptical, his enthusiasm won out in the end. He finally got to play with his family! Let’s get this party started!

Macky was confused at first when his young owner had him put his head inside the slot, but he didn’t think too much about it. The little boy was forever making him do things that always seemed a little bit strange, so he went along with it. He was a good sport.


Any confusion he might have had quickly melted away into delight the minute the pie hit him in the face! Macky couldn’t believe his good luck; not only was he being invited to sit at the table, but he was also getting dessert!

See, when a person gets hit in the face with a pie, it can be messy, but not for a dog! While you might be laughing at the sight of Macky with a face full of whipped cream, he’s the one licking delicious whipped cream off his snout.

To see Macky’s hilarious reaction when he gets “pied,” you have to watch the family’s hilarious video. It’ll definitely change the way you think when it comes to playing board games with your family dog. It needs to be seen to be truly appreciated!

What a good sport! He just wanted to join in on the fun, and who can blame him?

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