Here Are The Year’s 22 Best Dog Snapchats That Will Have You Howling With Laughter

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat seem to be growing in popularity—but humans aren’t the only ones having fun. While many of us like to show off our pets’ wacky personalities online, some people have no qualms about taking it a step further and dedicating their entire profiles to their favorite animals.

It may seem excessive, sure, but it’s no less adorable. For proof, look no further than these 22 dog Snapchats!

1. Hang in there, buddy!

20-dog-snapchatsInstagram / rileytheiggy

2. You know how some people just refuse to look normal for photos? Dogs can be the same way.

21-dog-snapchatsReddit / creepinmeow

3. Hey, he had a rough day. Let him relax for a moment.


4. Looks like Pixar already greenlit a sequel to The Good Dinosaur.

1-dog-snapchatsEuropa Pass

5. “Listen to me Peggy, as long as we’re together, everything will be okay.”

2-dog-snapchatsReddit / just_scrolling_thru

6. Cold-blooded murder has never been so cute!

3-dog-snapchatsReddit / DJM30w

7. “Arf! Arf!” It works either way.


8. “Oh, I was just in the neighborhood…”

5-dog-snapchatsReddit / East York

9. Would you swipe right?

6-dog-snapchatsReddit / Soundersfan1

10. “I refuse to share your love.”

7-dog-snapchatsReddit / keerwashere

11. How the Grinch stole Chrysanthemums.

8-dog-snapchatsDepo UA

12. “Please, open up! I’ve come to beg for forgiveness.”


13. Fun fact: the plural of dog-topus is dog-topi.

10-dog-snapchatsImgur / Abraxxas

14. “This is the greatest moment of my life!”

11-dog-snapchatsReddit / storyb00k

15. “This is my home. My domain. My ship.”

12-dog-snapchatsReddit / Delani

16. “I know you’re there somewhere!”

13-dog-snapchatsReddit / jmd2

17. “I come bearing gifts!”

14-dog-snapchatsReddit / Lucaskelly757

18.”I see how it is.”

15-dog-snapchatsReddit / Forester1983

19. He looks comfortable.

16-dog-snapchatsReddit / C-Ron

20. “Mooooom! He won’t leave me aloooooone!”

17-dog-snapchatsReddit / chovieplaysguitar

21. “Let’s call it even.”

18-dog-snapchatsReddit / skulofish

22. I’m sorry, buddy, but pizza will never love you back.

19-dog-snapchatsInstagram / giodine19

These snapchats are definitely reminders of why we love our dogs so much. Even when they’re at their silliest, they never stop being lovable!

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