Depressed Rescue Dog Had No One To Play With, Then He Makes The Most Unlikely Friend

There are few things in this world more heartbreaking than a sad animal. Most of us would do anything to get our pup's tail wagging or our cat purring again, but for five-year-old Osiris, his path to happiness was about as unusual as they come. After finding his forever family and a new purpose in life, this remarkable Dutch Shepherd found a best friend forever in an animal most people wouldn't even consider bringing into their home.

An unexpected guest

Mickey Alice Kwapis first met Osiris in an unexpected way. "Osiris was found in a parking lot in Detroit as a tiny puppy on Thanksgiving weekend a few years ago, and I was asked to foster him for the weekend," Mickey said. A few days of fostering was all she'd planned.

Foster fail

"Needless to say, I fell in love and we decided to keep him forever," Mickey revealed. And although Osiris had experienced significant trauma by this point, Mickey had the perfect plan to put the young dog's gentle temperament to good use.

Therapy dog

From the start, Mickey trained Osiris to be a therapy dog. With years of animal-care experience under her belt, Mickey felt confident that she could transform the neglected pup into a bona fide caregiver — and the results spoke for themselves.

A natural caregiver

Osiris immediately took to his new job, his focus being specifically on smaller animals. Fellow dogs loved to snuggle up and play with the caring pup, though it wasn't long before Osiris would be introduced to an unusual new friend.