Dog Comes In From The Yard With A New Smile, And His Owners Can’t Stop Laughing

Dogs are notorious for their love of digging. From burying bones to just tearing up the plants in your garden, it might just be one of their favorite pastimes.

All of that digging led to quite the shock for one dog owner named Lucas Alves Magalhães, however. He returned home one day to find his pup, Pandora, in the backyard of his Sao Paulo, Brazil, home. As was often the case, she had done some excavating… but this time was a bit different.

Why was that, you ask? Well, because of what Lucas found in Pandora’s mouth…

It wasn’t unusual for Lucas Alves Magalhães to discover his dog, Pandora, had dug up something strange in the backyard of their Sao Paulo home. This time, however, he knew something was amiss… just as soon as his pup opened her mouth and gave him a smile.

01-dog-wearing-denturesLucas Alves Magalhães

You see, Pandora had found herself some new chompers!

02-dog-wearing-denturesLucas Alves Magalhães

“I couldn’t see what it was, so I called her in,” Lucas said in an interview. “When I lifted her head, I almost died from laughing.”

03-dog-wearing-denturesLucas Alves Magalhães

During her usual dig-related activities, Pandora had seemingly stumbled upon a pair of dentures. They had likely belonged to one of the members of the elderly couple who’d lived in the house before Lucas and Pandora.

04-dog-wearing-denturesLucas Alves Magalhães

Lucas was fully aware of how gross this discovery was as he removed the dentures from Pandora’s mouth. Still, Pandora did not seem pleased that her find was taken away from her!

06-dog-wearing-denturesLucas Alves Magalhães

Oh man, that is so gross! Pandora needs to understand that you don’t go digging up dentures. Which also raises the question of why those dentures were buried in the backyard in the first place…

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