20 Hilarious Dogs That Are Going Way Above And Beyond To Earn The Title Of ‘Very Good Boy’

All dogs are fantastic; we can’t argue with that. Even when they’re chewing up couch cushions or barking at the mail carrier, we can’t help but rub their bellies, toss them a biscuit, and sing their praises as good boys and girls.

However, it must be said that certain pooches out there go out of the way to be exceptionally good boys and girls, and when that happens, everybody wins. These 20 canines certainly did their doggie extra credit — can you even handle their goodness? (Go ahead, give them a nice pat on the head through your screen)…

1. After this pooch did his best to be good for an entire year, his owner made him a guest of honor at her wedding! Fortunately, he also had the good sense to follow the ceremony’s black tie dress code.

Reddit / Kitt3nZer0

2. Are you afraid your pet will go nuts if you leave him alone? Not the owner of these poodles. When he had an important meeting, they patiently sat in the waiting room. They had some pretty impressive posture too — no low back pain for them!

Reddit / ZeroDestro3r

3. Good news, everyone! Your captain has arrived, and he is looking as dapper as ever. How does a pilot with no opposable thumbs manage to take off and land an airplane? We’ll let autopilot worry about that.

Imgur / ILoveTomHanksAlsoCatsSuckDogsRule

4. Dogs love digging holes. Fact. But this Shiba Inu is taking hole-digging to another level! She was proud to report everything underground was in tip-top shape. Any chance there are some delicious bones down there?

Reddit / chbrules

5. This particular dog really is man’s best friend. Meet Frida, a pup who works with the Mexican navy to help locate and rescue victims of natural disasters. During a 2017 earthquake, she saved the lives of 52 people!

Reddit / Angmew

6. When it comes to a hiking partner, you’ve got to find someone who can pull his or her own weight. As luck would have it, this outdoorsman’s pooch makes for the perfect companion. Not only is he hauling his share of gear, but he’s also absurdly photogenic.

Reddit / kodiaktheaussie

7. Dogs love food so much that it’s nearly impossible for some to resist the sight of a tasty snack. This careful canine, however, waited to scarf down his hot dog until his family got a perfect snapshot of him at the ballpark.

Reddit / YourWebcam

8. Good boys know not to go on the furniture. This one knows that rule, but he also knows a loophole! Technically speaking, he is under the furniture, and we’re pretty sure his story would hold up in a court of canine law.

9. We have a difference of opinion here. The sign says “Beware of dog,” but her eyes say “Love me forever.” How can you refuse a face like that? We’re pretty sure the sign is being sarcastic anyway.


10. This pooch’s human works at a bakery in Scotland and doesn’t always have time to get ready for walks. But that’s not a problem. This lab is happy to get his own leash and patiently wait outside for the human’s break.

Reddit / MacSquizzy

11. Lots of dogs seem to have no sense of shame. This puppy, on the other hand, felt so bad about wizzing on the floor that he tried to clean it up with toilet paper! Maybe he could’ve been a little more thorough, but hey, it’s the thought that counts.

Twitter / Billie3bands

12. As soon as this proud pet owner popped a tie on his dog, he became the perfect financial adviser! “Invest in tennis balls, they have a high return rate,” was his supposed tip. However, he should probably diversify his portfolio by investing in fire hydrants as well.

Reddit / Yerawizzardarry

13. When one Redditor moved to a new home, he found one friendly face peeking under his fence before he even had a chance to introduce himself to the neighbors. Now that’s a top-notch welcoming committee!

Reddit / ontpinry

14. Don’t sweat it if you feel nervous on your first day. This tiny pup looked a bit like a deer in the headlights on his first day at the police academy. Fortunately for her, one of her new colleagues stepped in to provide a bit of comfort.

Reddit / duglasfresh

15. What do you get the man who has everything? This canine thought of the perfect gift idea: a giant clump of dirt! The man could probably use it, too: chances are there’s a hole that exact shape and size in his backyard…

Reddit / LandPirate Sarah

16. When in doubt, it’s best to blend in. That’s why this Golden Retriever welcomed his new robot overlords. They may not be real dogs, but they do look extremely handsome. Good luck topping this Christmas card photo!

17. Eclipse the dog isn’t intimidated by big city life. Every morning, she leaves the house by herself and boards the bus with a special pass so she can hang out at the park. This routine has made her a local celebrity in her hometown of Seattle.

Reddit / SeattlecityMisfit

18. One pet lover had to run inside the house to grab something before setting out on a walk. He worried his pooch might wander off without him. Luckily, this smart dog knew he was all tied up and didn’t go anywhere!

Reddit / rson_ieid

19. Jax here held a job at his local post office as the official stamp licker. He’s more than happy to take care of your envelopes at no additional fee. Finally, dogs find a way to put their humongous tongues to good use!


20. Lots of airplane passengers tend to disobey the smaller rules and courtesies. But not this good boy! In fact, he was the only one aboard who turned off his cell phone during the flight. But that’s easy to do when you’ve got such a great view out the window.


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