Exhausted Dogs Napping In Hilariously Uncomfortable Positions

Dogs can feasibly sleep anywhere. Noise level and location don’t make a blip on their radar. If a spot is empty, they’ll flop their bodies down and drift peacefully off to sleep. These pet parents who caught their dogs zonked out in the most absurd positions were concerned by their levels of contortion — but we think you'll be pretty darn amused.

1. Spreading out

Sadie was a skydiver in her past life. That’s why she’s so bendy. Her parents know when they find her splayed out, limbs all over the place, that she’s in her comfort zone and not to mind her thrashing.

2. Best room in the house

If you’ve ever fallen asleep on the toilet, you can’t judge Frank for his fondness for dozing off behind the can. It’s like the cool side of the pillow, but better because it always stays cold and sounds like the ocean. 

3. Three stooges

Watch out for the pit bulls they said. The biggest worry you’d have with this zonked out trio is they’d fall asleep in a clump on your couch, and you’ll spend the afternoon lovingly snapping pictures of their cuteness.

4. Long neck

This poor long-necked fella looks like when a person tries to comfortably sleep on a long bus ride. Hopefully, his human squeezed a pillow under his head. Not that he’d notice, he was mouth open teeth out tired.