20 Dogs Who Just Got Told What A ‘Good Boy’ They Are

While people can disagree on many things when it comes to raising dogs, pretty much everyone knows that one thing is true: every dog is a “good boy” at heart.

And even though humans love to praise their dogs for their good behavior, it’s no surprise that our pups love to hear it even more! After all, dogs thrive on positive reinforcement.

That’s why a number of dog owners decided to take pictures of their dogs before and after they were told they were “good boys” recently. The results were undeniably (and predictably) adorable!

1. Wait a minute—is this supposed to be a dog or a polar bear? Well, it probably doesn’t matter much anyway, because no matter what this fluffy creature is supposed to be, he’s still a good boy!

JavaReallySucks / Reddit

2. “Why so serious today, big guy?” Apparently, all it takes to make this wonderful dog go from being stone-faced to tongues-out happy is to tell him that he’s a “good boy!” Who woulda thunk it?

wakeuptomorrow / Reddit

3. Moments like this one really prove that one of the things that makes dogs particularly special is their cheery attitudes. On a planet full of negativity, their ability to see the positive in everything really stands out!

starry_night_blue / Reddit

4. This dog may be trying to relax on the couch, but even he doesn’t seem to mind being interrupted if it means being called a “good boy!” Now he can go back to watching his favorite television show in peace.

ohlamarr1221 / Reddit

5. This pooch already looked ridiculously cute, not to mention quite happy. However, being called a “good boy” took things to whole another level entirely! He was just waiting to hear what he already knew.

luxuryxo / Twitter

6. “Get out of my room! I wish I was never adopted! You’re not my real dad! Wait, what did you just say to me? Did you just call me a… a good boy? Okay… Well, I guess I actually love you after all.”

CanineHelpYou / Imgur

7. “Can it wait, Frank? I’m watching 60 Minutes right now. They’re doing a really fascinating interview with Spuds MacKenzie and… yes! I am a good boy! Okay, I guess I can just DVR the rest of this.”

courtSANDS / Twitter

8. One can’t help but wonder what dogs are thinking when they hear us call them good boys. Do the have the language comprehension skills to understand what we mean? Maybe they just know the tone of our voice is happy? Either way, it’s cute!

Fresh_Tadeath / Twitter

9. Older dogs like this one might not be as spry as they were in their younger years. Even so, one can tell from this pooch’s extended tongue that he’s thrilled to hear that he’s still a good boy!

Horty1388 / Reddit

10. There are plenty of great reasons to call your dog a “good boy.” Not only does it make your furry friends happy, but the joyous expressions on their faces can bring a smile to any human, too!

fewdieforpie / Reddit

11. This doggo is more than happy to hear that she’s made her human happy. She’s super content and completely at peace! Heck, it actually looks like being complimented was a legitimately spiritual experience for her.

ArkadiusBear / Reddit

12. Here’s another dog who was already delighted to see her owner before being told that she was a good pup made everything better. In fact, given the way she tilted her head, she almost looks like she could hear it again! “Come again? Repeat that, only louder please!”

Violeta Garcia-Mendoza Killmeyer / Facebook

13. This adorable Dalmatian looks like he was suspiciously thinking, “Wait, what are you planning to do with that camera?” Being told that he’s a good boy made everything perfectly clear! “Oh, you want to capture my happiness? Go right ahead!”

xtinaboomgirl / Reddit

14. This dog is such a spectacularly good boy that he seems to walk around all day as if he had just been called one! That must be why being called good boy this time didn’t seem to change much.

lilpandaloose / Reddit

15. There’s definitely something that’s almost sinister-looking about this happy dog. Although, that probably would never—and could never,—change the fact that he indeed remains a good boy!

2JZA80 / Reddit

16. This Labrador retriever had a perfectly stoic expression on his face. It’s as if he had been quietly contemplating the nature of life. Being called a good boy, though, changed everything! “Existentialism can wait!”

pm_me_your_ssn_girl / Reddit

17. The joy on this precious pup’s face might be a little more subtle than that of most of the other “good boys” on this list. There is, however, and unmistakable sense of pride and joy in those eyes.

Rjohns87 / Reddit

18. There were even some people who tried to perform this experiment on other animals. Telling this angry cat that he’s a good boy, though, didn’t seem to change anything about his attitude!

dareeza / Reddit

19. This parrot just seems to be confused about having been called a “good boy,” It’s like he’s saying, “Wait, what? Why are you saying this to me? I’m a parrot, not some dumb dog! Now give me a cracker!”

Reddit / alvaedavison

20. Finally, this human baby looked pretty happy… until somebody decided to call him a “good dog.” Quick, somebody explain to him the concept of jokes! That, or go get him a dog, which is certain to cheer him up!

pldesigns / Reddit

There’s nothing that can brighten a day quite like the sight of a happy dog. They’re all good boys (and girls), and they know it!

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