20 Dogs Who Just Got Told What A ‘Good Boy’ They Are

While people can disagree on many things when it comes to raising dogs, pretty much everyone knows that one thing is true: every dog is a "good boy" at heart.

And even though humans love to praise their dogs for their good behavior, it's no surprise that our pups love to hear it even more! After all, dogs thrive on positive reinforcement.

That's why a number of dog owners decided to take pictures of their dogs before and after they were told they were "good boys" recently. The results were undeniably (and predictably) adorable!

1. Wait a minute—is this supposed to be a dog or a polar bear? Well, it probably doesn't matter much anyway, because no matter what this fluffy creature is supposed to be, he's still a good boy!
2. "Why so serious today, big guy?" Apparently, all it takes to make this wonderful dog go from being stone-faced to tongues-out happy is to tell him that he's a "good boy!" Who woulda thunk it?
3. Moments like this one really prove that one of the things that makes dogs particularly special is their cheery attitudes. On a planet full of negativity, their ability to see the positive in everything really stands out!
4. This dog may be trying to relax on the couch, but even he doesn't seem to mind being interrupted if it means being called a "good boy!" Now he can go back to watching his favorite television show in peace.