Here Are 25 Dogs Who Now Deeply Regret Making Some Truly Terrible Life Decisions

Unlike humans, our pets seem to have it easy when it comes to making decisions. After all, how hard can it be to decide when to sleep, when to chase your tail, or when to drink out of the toilet?

Actually, it turns out that even dogs can have a tough time making decisions. Whether it’s excitement or the fact that they just didn’t think things through, some dogs definitely goof up when it comes to their choices.

If you’ve never spotted a dog making a bad decision before, then you need to check out these 25 silly guys! It’s clear that they messed up… in the funniest ways imaginable.

1. “Tell me the truth, Ben. Is it as bad as it looks?” This poor pooch was so desperate to get to the other side of the fence to see his buddy that he wasn’t going to let a little thing like his own size keep him from making his best effort.

2. Went to bed a yellow Labrador; woke up a rainbow retriever. You might look at this and think “bad decision,” but who knows what the dog was thinking? It could be that this was exactly the look that this happy little guy was going for.

02-dog-failsReddit / youtbuddcody

3. “Down I… go?” It’s tough to look at this picture and not laugh. It’s clear that the dog’s curiosity about sledding immediately vanishes the second she starts to pick up speed going down the hill. Can’t say we blame her!

4. “Right, Spot, but ‘You shouldn’t have done that’ isn’t going to get me out of here, is it?” Is there anything more demoralizing than making a bad decision like this one and having your best friend catch you in the act? There’s nothing for him to do but stand by and chuckle.

04-dog-failsImgur / TheDonCuffy

5. Oh sure, in this position it was easy for him to find the remote, however the idea of ever actually being able to use that remote? Well that’s a whole other story. Silver lining: he definitely found some old treats in the couch cushions.


6. Sometimes, life fences you in, and other times, well… you do the fencing. The best thing about this puppy’s bad decision is that she doesn’t seem to mind it terribly much. After all, at least now she can people-watch!

06-dog-failsImgur / theseareafewofmyfavoritethings

7. “I trusted you, Brian!” There are many types of dogs out there who love adventure and live for the thrill of dangers. Aged pug dogs are not one of those breeds. Should you doubt this, check out the look on this pooch’s face!

07-dog-failsImgur / SoIgotthatgoinformewhichisnice

8. We think it’s time to hang it up… and by “it,” we clearly mean the hanger and not the poor dog who managed to get stuck inside of it. How does this even happen? Was it a frantic chewing episode gone awry? Curiosity definitely got the best of this pooch.

9. “Someone threw away a perfectly good stick!” It was only when Rusty began to try and bring said stick up the stairs that he really understood what a truly epic mistake he’d made. Frankly, by that point it was too late… he’d developed a taste for it.

09-dog-failsReddit / SaintFrost

10. “Cut the crap and cut me down!” It’s clear that the person who set up this hammock just wanted a nice cozy place to relax every now and then, but clearly this pup thinks that “hammock” is just a human word for “puppy trap.”


11. “It came out of nowhere!” Jack the dog was pretty sure that he would be able to jump over the branch with the greatest of ease just like he’d seen all the other dogs do. However, he made one big mistake: those dogs were puppies, and he was a middle-aged canine with the gut to prove it.

11-dog-failsReddit / totallynotabear

12. “I don’t get it. This is where you said you left the kids. And where’s the pool?” This is why it is very important that when you are around your dog, you speak as clearly and as a literally as possible. If you don’t, you’ll have a pug in the potty.

12-dog-failsReddit / athanathios

13. Instead of leaving this bee alone, this puppy accepted the challenge and chased it down. She had no idea that getting stung would leave her looking just as sore as she feels. Her face shows exactly how she feels about this decision, too: a bit sheepish.

14. “The man at the store said this was the latest fashion…” Well, clearly, the man at the store did not expect this dog would take style so seriously. Her owner could have removed the box from her head right away, but why spoil this hilarious image without snapping a picture first?

15. This puppy clearly didn’t get the memo about a very important fact: that he is, in fact, a puppy and not, you know, a squirrel. When he comes tumbling down that tree, chances are that will be all the explanation he needs. Good luck, little guy!

16. “It was deliberate!” Sure, sure, that’s what they all say. One of the best things about curious dogs is how they can’t seem to resist anything that’s covered up. Because of this we get many more adorably photos ops than we would otherwise.

17. Dogs have many different and awesome skills. For some dogs, it’s a keen sense of smell, while for others it means the ability to leap further than the average critter! However, this dog clearly has some other skill that is yet to be determined…


18. When having a ball goes wrong for dogs, it can go very wrong. Look at how chagrined this pooch is to find himself in such a sticky situation. It’s doubly funny when you think about how excited he must have been moments before this photo was taken.

18-dog-failsReddit / GallowBoob

19. “Keep going, keep going, keeeeeep going… whoops! Went too far.” It’s hard to say which is saddest part of this photograph: the fact that the dog face-planted into a tree, or that he didn’t even manage to catch the darn frisbee!


20. “You guys can have the human’s lap! I’m sorry!” While this dog is quick to submit to the two other animals in his own home, he would be absolutely mortified if this photo ever got out so that other dogs could see it! He looks very worried.

20-dog-failsReddit / flutexgirl

21. “Fast and the Furry-ous: Bulldog Drift!” While this dog is desperate to be a Hollywood action star, he doesn’t exactly get a lot of opportunities to show off what he can do. You can’t really blame him for trying to make this work…

22. “Look, I messed up, okay?” The only thing better than catching out a dog in the middle of doing something truly goofy is catching them moments after they realized just how foolish said goofy activity truly was. That expression is pure shame.

23. “Do I look like I’m laughing, Jim?” This dog’s super serious reaction to being stuck inside of this plastic chair only serves to make her hilariously poor choice even funnier. Chin up, pup! It will all be over soon, and now that we have photographic evidence, we promise to never bring it up again…


24. This poor little puppy is always looking for chances to play with his kitty friend. However, the kitty in question spends her time finding new ways to torment the puppy. And so goes the circle of life. Maybe tomorrow, pupper!


25. “Perhaps a running jump next time?” You’ve got to give this little pooch points for effort, but, boy, is it funny to watch him totally miss the mark! This dog might be adorable, but he’s definitely not going to Olympics anytime soon.

25-dog-failsImgur / jameshegartty

Dogs might be our best friends, but that doesn’t make them any more graceful. In fact, their bad decision-making might just make humans and dogs the perfect match!

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