22 Quirky Dogs Who Are Completely Convinced They’re Actually Cats

Are you a cat person or a dog person? Most people have a strong preference for their pet of choice, but others are more open-minded, and they don’t mind sharing their home with both species.

There is just one unexpected potential problem with these kinds of harmonious households: dogs, as you probably know, are very impressionable. And, sometimes, pups who are raised alongside cats may actually get confused about which species they belong to… and they can even develop cat-like habits.

Of course, whenever these silly doggos have an identity crisis, it ends up being the cutest thing ever! Check out what happens when these dogs get a little bit confused about who (and what) they are!

1. “What’s he doing here?” Some cats love nothing more than being up in the air and away from the commotion. Usually, that commotion tends to include any excitable dogs who are in the vicinity. This cat’s face tells you exactly how he feels about his faux-feline friend.


2. Cats can be very contrary when it comes to furniture and toys: they either adore something or they just couldn’t care less. While this dog might think he’s fooling everyone into thinking he’s a cat, his enthusiasm is totally giving him away.

3. If it fits, it sits! While cats are notorious for their love of sitting in any box available, they aren’t the only ones! Check out these delighted doggies all curled up inside these boxes just like their feline friends would do!


4. It’s so cute that these little furballs think that they’re sisters! The question is: does the puppy think she’s a kitten, or does the kitten think she’s a puppy? Most likely, only time will be able to answer that sort of thing.


5. Kitty doesn’t look too happy about her new neighbor. Normally in situations like this, it’s the person living on the bottom floor who gets annoyed about the noise coming from upstairs—not the other way around!

6. There’s a first time for everything. You might look at this and see a dog who got caught trying to rescue a cat stuck in a tree, when in reality, everything is going according to this cat’s evil master plan.


7. It sure looks like these cats couldn’t be happier to have found a doggy friend to take up the third slot on their cat tree. The dog might not exactly fit in the literal sense, but he definitely fits in!

8. Aww, look at these adorable kittens, er, wait a minute! This is one dog who certainly thinks that he’s got everyone fooled. “I’m fluffy, this cat is fluffy, surely no one will be able to tell the difference,” he seems to say.


9. What a happy interspecies family! Sometimes when two families are blended to become one, it can be a real struggle for everyone involved, but that certainly wasn’t the case here! These cats love their doggy brother.

10. Yup, looks completely natural. The only way you can tell the difference between this dog and his feline friend is because the dog happens to be wearing a diaper. No self-respecting cat would be caught dead in those duds.

11. Imagine waking up at night and seeing this. Pretty darn haunting, right? You’ve probably already heard of owls sitting on perches keeping watch through the night, but the idea of a dog doing it? That’s just bizarre.


12. A dog can be a little bit cat-like, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to abandon everything that makes him a dog. You know, simple things… like the pleasures of sniffing a cat’s butt, for instance.

13. “Oh, you’re home early…” Don’t you just love walking into your house and catching your dog in the middle of playing pretend? This dog might be using a cat tree, but it’s clear he thinks he’s the most interesting human man on Earth.


14. “Now how do I get down again?” Don’t let this tiny floof’s shocked demeanor fool you. He just wants you to think that he’s clueless about how to get down from his new favorite resting place.

15. Have you always wanted to grow a garden but know you’re no green thumb? Why not consider planting a dog garden? You need to make sure they get watered, fed, and cuddled, but they’re definitely more interesting than a pot of daisies.


16. Clearly this cat didn’t get the memo about who, exactly, was top dog. This proud pooch couldn’t be more content to be steering the good ship Cat Tree. His second-in-command seems a bit skeptical, however.

17. You just have to give it to this guy: it really looks like this was built especially for him. While some of the dogs on this list look like they have inserted themselves where they weren’t wanted, this pup seems right at home.


18. This pup is having second thoughts about this whole tree thing. While some dogs don’t mind climbing, others sometimes let their curiosity get the better of them. This fellow might not be up that high, but to him, it’s the top of the world. The terrifying top of the world, that is.

19. This cat seems to be just a bit confused as to why this dog is invading her personal space, but she’s really just jealous that he gets a special and comfy bed for his little perch and she doesn’t get bupkis!

20. This is her favorite cat-pose. There is something intensely unnerving about this dog positioned like this. She seems like she’s only one or two steps away from twitching her tail in a mysterious fashion.


21. So cute! Another dog who loves spending some time in a box. Look at that little face just peeping out of the hole! It’s clear that somebody can’t wait for you to spot their hiding place and come play with them!


22. This dog seems a little bit curious about why this cat is getting to ride in the car, but the cat seems downright flabbergasted. “Hey, who told you you could drive the Ford Explorer, huh?”

In case you were wondering, this doesn’t quite work the other way around. How many cats have you seen being walked on a leash and playing fetch?

If these confused dogs made you smile, share their antics with your friends!

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