Elephant Who Farts While Playing With Friends Has Such A Relatable Response

Like it’s a piece of avant-garde artwork, everyone has a personal take on casual farting. Some will tell you to just let it rip, while others preach the politeness—and, therefore, the pain and misery—of holding your gas in until all is clear.

But the how-to on passing gas isn’t just a human problem. Even members of the animal kingdom must deal with the consequences of letting the foghorn sound while in the company of others. Dogs, cats, horses, and even elephants react to farts in their own unique ways; and after cutting the cheese, the social aftermath is just as bad as the smell.

Take this elephant, for instance, who found out the hard way that, sometimes, it might be better to submit to social pressure and just hold the stink in…

Everyone farts. Every day. All the time. And yet social norms dictate that we should be ashamed of them and avoid breaking wind in public at all cost. Somehow, the social repercussions for letting one rip far surpass the pain of keeping your gas locked up tight.

Strangely though, even the animal kingdom hasn’t quite accepted farts with open arms… er, paws. When any of nature’s beasts breaks a bit of wind, a whole slew of possible reactions may follow. Very rarely do animals act as though some natural biological function has occurred…

Take the elephants at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, for instance. At the time this video was captured, the elephants had been going about their days as normal: goofing around, wrestling, and getting caught on their sides like turtles on a mountainside. Then, one elephant boldly changed the mood…

Elephant News / Youtube

The elephant on the right let out a fart that sounded more like a snarling demon than anything you would expect to hear in nature. As unlikely as it may seem, this cartoonish fart sent a ripple of shame through the entire herd…

Elephant News / Youtube

Perhaps the greatest proof of the elephant’s embarrassment could be seen on her face. That was not the expression of an elephant having a good time with her friends. Rather, that was the look of an elephant who just let out a fart that was loud and powerful enough to serve as a retreat horn on a medieval battlefield. But it was what her fellow pachyderms did that made the entire situation priceless!

Elephant News / Youtube

Before you see the reaction of the other elephants in the herd, you must first realize that farts are just as big of a problem in the animal world as in the human world. Consider the following evidence—only then will you be able to understand the serious issue that is animals farting.

Exhibit A: this puppy, who handled flatulence like an absolute champion. While he chowed down on dinner, he farted with so much force that it actually lifted his backside off the ground. The food was just too tasty, though, and he didn’t even look up from his meal.


Now for exhibit B: after letting out a little pipsqueak of a fart, this horse—either in fright or embarrassment—practically leapt out of his shoes before sprinting across the field away from his slipped gas…

FunnyAnimal Productions / Youtube

Finally, there is exhibit C: cats may be skittish creatures anyway, but once you start adding surprise flatulence into the mix, they can really turn up the alarm. When this kitty let a little gas leak out, she acted as if she heard a gun shot. She didn’t quite react like the horse who took off running, but still, she couldn’t match the calm collection of that tooting puppy who was eating dinner!

If you thought those animals reactions were funny, you’ll definitely get a kick out of this elephant’s herd’s reaction. And if you’ve never heard what an elephant fart sounds like, then you’re in luck…

That fart is going to be tough to live down, since, you know, elephants never forget. Hopefully she was able to show her face to her friends later.

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