Camera Captures The Hilarious Reason Why A Family’s Water Barrel Keeps Going Empty

When a family in Colorado noticed the water in their backyard rain barrel mysteriously started going missing every day, they were stumped. Who was emptying it every night…and why?

After the problem continued for quite some time, they decided enough was enough. The family set up a few cameras outside to try to solve this puzzling mystery.

They were excited to see who was coming in and stealing their water. But when they watched the surveillance tapes, however, they couldn’t help but laugh. Just wait until you see who the culprit was all along!

A family in Colorado was stumped recently. Each day, the water in their backyard rain barrel was missing. One morning, it’d be filled to the brim, and the next—empty. What gives? They weren’t using it, and the water couldn’t have evaporated that quickly. They couldn’t help but wonder how in the world it was disappearing, but they were determined to catch the culprit!

Not knowing what else to do, the family decided it would be best to set up a surveillance camera on their property. This way, they could know exactly what was going on—and potentially catch someone who might’ve been sneaking into their yard day after day to steal their water.

surveillance-camera-tree-flickr-alex-langFlickr / Alex Lang

After a few short days, the family finally finished setting up their new surveillance camera. Since the water from the rain barrel continued to disappear each day, they knew it wasn’t going to be long before they figured out what was going on. On the first day, however, all they saw was this bear walking into their backyard. Nothing too unusual for Colorado, right?

Bears were common, after all, and the family didn’t think anything of it. That is, until they saw what the bear was doing. After leaving the property for a moment, the bear returned… and this time, he made a beeline (bearline, if you will!) to the water barrel. The family instantly perked up…

The family couldn’t believe what they were seeing. All this time, a bear had been making his way into their backyard and drinking their water! But there’s no way he could drink that much in a day and completely drain the bucket, right? Just then, the bear did something else that shocked them—and made them laugh: he climbed inside the barrel… and turned it into his own personal jacuzzi!

After watching the rest of the surveillance video, it didn’t appear as though the bear was interested in doing anything other than a little bit of relaxing and rehydrating. The family figured they could kick back (much like the bear had) and just let him do his thing!


After all, he looked so cute lounging in the water barrel! Sure, it was kind of a tight fit, but he certainly didn’t seem to be complaining. Can you blame him? He was getting free hot tub access on a daily basis! How beary nice!


Alas, the mystery is solved! It was just a bath-happy bear all that time.

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