Watch The Incredible Moment When This Emu Discovers Sprinklers For The First Time

Tons of kids love to jump around and play with the sprinklers in their yards. There’s nothing like running through a sheet of water on a hot summer day and feeling the cool spritz on your skin.

But few people could have predicted what Blacky, a three-year-old emu, would do when he encountered a sprinkler. The Australian cutie was just minding his own business when he suddenly came across one on a lawn.

And after just a few seconds of investigating, he had the best reaction ever! A sprinkler might not be a big deal to us humans, but to Blacky, it was the greatest discovery ever…

Emus are truly incredible creatures. Behind ostriches, they’re the second-tallest birds on Earth, and they’re also fairly close cousins to velociraptors. There are few other animals on the planet that are quite like them.

skeeze / pixabay

More awesome news for those who love emus: they’re listed as a “least-concern species” by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), so there’s no shortage of them!

Yet to really appreciate just how special these big birds really are, you have to see them in action. They have so much personality, and it’s almost impossible to watch them and not feel charmed. Take Blacky, for example…

Blacky is an ordinary three-year-old emu from Australia. Recently, he was having a perfectly average day, but all of that changed when he happened upon an active sprinkler on a nearby lawn.

With great curiosity, Blacky approached the mysterious device and put his head right above the bursting water. From there, his sense of fascination and fun only continued to increase! The results only got funnier and funnier…

Perhaps he was just completely overwhelmed by the awesomeness of this whole experience, because he took a moment to sit down right in front of the contraption. And his silly-goose antics didn’t stop there.

He inched up closer and closer to the sprinkler until his body was covering it. It must have felt pretty good to have all of that water spraying directly at him! Obviously, it must have felt nice and cool on such a sweltering day.

After just a few brief moments, though, Blacky decided that it didn’t feel as good as it did before, so he moved a few feet away and let the water cascade on top of him once again. His curiosity wasn’t over yet, though.

It was perfectly clear that Blacky was having the time of his life, and he was about to express that in a special, hilarious way. Few people would believe how absolutely adorable his reaction was!

Emus are truly amazing animals, even among the other creatures from Australia, where there’s no shortage of fantastically charming, diverse, and exotic animals across the entire continent. Blacky might just be the best of the best!

This elated emu just couldn’t be happier. Hopefully he was able to enjoy the sprinklers for a while longer after the camera turned off!

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