Simple Solutions To Everyday Things We’ve All Been Doing Wrong

Believe it or not, there's usually a simpler way to do just about everything. From melted-ice watery drinks to the best way to microwave that leftover pasta, there are easy, low-cost solutions to all life's little annoyances. With these hacks, you'll save some money, win back precious seconds, and feel a little smug in the process!

Pepper Brightens Clothes

If you feel the vibrancy of your clothes is fading after several washes, just head to your spice rack. Grab your black pepper, add a spoonful to your washing machine. The pepper is an exfoliant and strips away gunky soap residue.

Banana Peel Skincare

Skincare products a little too pricey? Well, rubbing a banana peel on your face has a multitude of benefits. It fights acne and works as a skin moisturizer, nutrient supplier, and wrinkle fighter. You can use it all over your face or as just a spot treatment.

Cool Drinks Quickly

Instead of just throwing a bottle of soda in the freezer to cool down, try soaking a paper towel with water and wrapping it around the bottle. Just watch as it gets icy cold in mere minutes!

Grapes Instead of Ice Cubes

We've all forgotten to chill our wine and had to use ice cubes. The ice melts and it waters down our perfect glass of rosé. Instead of using ice cubes, use frozen grapes. That way your wine stays cold without ending up a diluted mess.